Anwida Light Trouble with Build 2180

Reporting problem

Anyone else having a problem with Anwida Reverb Light 2.0 and Build 2180? Any sng files we made under previous versions of n-Track in which we mounted this plug-in show errors when they load up, and when we try to access the plug-in in the track assignment, it won’t open.

If we delete the plug-in wherever it’s assigned, then save the arrangement and recall it, it loads w/out trouble. And when we add the plug-in to any track, it opens easily enough, even allowing us to save. But then, trying to recall the arrangement, we get errors again.

We’ve gotten this stuff on the studio machine, but have yet to install 2180 on the mastering machine.

Here’s the system:

Codegen L-6042 ATX mid-tower case with Antec 400W Smartpower power supply
Asus A7N8X Deluxe mainboard
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton CPU
Corsair Twin 1024-3200PT XMS3200 1GB RAM, dual channeled
40GB Samsung SP0411N 7200RPM 2MB cache ATA 100 Winchester (primary master)
80GB Western Digital 7200RPM 8MB cache ATA 133 Winchester (primary slave)
200GB Seagate 7200RPM 8MB cache SATA 150 Winchester (RAID 0)
Lite On 16X EIDE internal DVD ROM drive (secondary master)
Samsung SW-252B 52X24X52X EIDE internal CD/CD-RW drive (secondary slave)
MSI GeForce4 MX440-T8X 64MB AGP 8X Pro video card
Creative Labs Live! Platinum 5.1 audio card with Live! Drive II
Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Compact USB network adapter
V7 19" LCD analog SVGA monitor
Standard 102-key PS2 keyboard
Micro Innovations 3-button PS2 optical mouse
StarLogic 3.5" floppy drive
Windows XP Professional SP2

is the plugin situated in V5s VST folder and does the VST path point to that folder ?-

Dr J

It’s a DirectX.


Hi Gents:
I discovered that only one instance of the reverb plug can be used with n-Track… I wrote some mail to Anwida regarding this but I never got any reply from them… There are a couple of versions of Anwida lite reverb plugs… I have both loaded. Both act the same, as far as only one instance of the plug can be used… Before v5 builds I was sure I used several instances of the plug.


I have the VST plugs I use in a VST folder in the n-Track v4 folder… The day is looming though… I’m gonna have to rebuild n-Track from scratch… on my DAW’s… I’m such a procrastinator… If I can find the mental energy, I may look into that task over the Christmas Break… Do I ever hate playing with that sort of stuff… I can never seem to get IT RIGHT…

Hi, Bill. Long time no see.

Yeah, I’ll 2nd those occurences in previous versions. Didn’t know about the restriction. And this only effects the freebie?


Hi Again:
That reberb has such nice control… over it’s behaviour… I think so… anyway… In most cases, free stuff are leaders to buying their real plug-ins. I was sure I would get a reply from them, but I now think they are only required to support their real plugs. That’s O.K. with me. That’s what they are in business for… I still like-and-use that plug… One thing I haven’t tried is “Freezing” the track and then opening another instance of the verb in another track to see if that approach works.


2180 may not be totally good but better than 2182 cant get that to run properly at all - so went back to 2180 -


Hi Again, Guys:
I downloaded build 2183 while I was in the studio today… After spending some 6 hours in there I have those DAWs up to date with virus definitions and current n-Track builds and Mocrosoft security updates and… and… and… I did absolutely nothing creative… I didn’t even clean up the patch bay… WwHhOo, is, Me…

I even screwed up one of the '98SE Desks…

Thanks Doc for the heads-up and suggestion…

Regarding the RAM…

I think I followed the Manual when I installed the RAM… However, I never did notice the BIOS Post-up on the RAM being in Linear Mode before.

I’ll give that a try when I get in there, again… I do believe, I may have changed the Graphics Card/Screen res. on that '98SE Desk… We’ll see…


Bill, I agree, it’s a gr8 'verb. We could try applying solely to the Master Mixer, but we may go for a purchase. We like the independent track use. And the Light version was doing multiple mounts in older n-Track builds; we’ve got the sng files to prove it.

Thanks, guys, and hope to see you later, Bill.

Merry Christmas!


It’s quite possible that Andwida has to update their plugs to VST Rev. 2.0 to make their plugs work correctly with n-Track… That may not be the correct terminology, but Torben Kjerhaus and Flavio had to combine their knowledge to get the Master Series of those plugs to work in n-Track… v5… I don’t know the exact issue… but it had something to do with the install recognition of the plug into the VST folder of n-Track…?? Well…