ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb - Group Buy

ANWIDA Soft has launched a DX Reverb Group Buy.

The DX Reverb is a processing module delivering a rich and distinctive palette of reverb effects. From inverse and gated reverberation to warm plate reverbs and wide halls. This DirectX audio plug-in embodies state of the art algorithms developed with maximum care and no compromise. The interface allows a simple and effective editing of the wide number of control parameters available for each algorithm.

The DX Reverb includes 11 DIFFERENT REVERB ALGORITHMS : 2 small room, 2 medium rooms, 2 large rooms/halls, 2 plate reverbs, 2 gate reverbs and 1 inverse reverb.

The DX Reverb features full MIDI implementation providing two different functions:
- to recall presets using MIDI program change messages
- to control all parameters in real-time using MIDI Control Change messages via an external or software MIDI controller

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