Any advice for input recording setup with ASIO

ASIO Recording Input setup

Hello all, hope everyone is doing well.

I have Creatve Audigy 2ZS which works great and I noticed with stand alone guitar plug-in I have I can select different ASIO drivers:
(1) Creative ASIO
(2) Audigy SB80 (or whatever it is)…
(4) WMD

On the stand alones, #'s 1 & 2 seem to work better (for latency and reducing unwanted CPU-related system crackling) than (3) ASIO 4ALL or (4) WMD. However, on N-Track when I select #'s 1 & 2 from the audio set up, it doesn’t show or produce a signal in the recording view-meter. It doesn’t give me an error message. The second I switch to choices 3 or 4, it shows (and I can hear) a signal coming in. I tried closing and opening, and changing settings, but I don’t know what I might be missing or not understanding.

Everything works (including playback), just no signal is identified with 1 or 2 for recording. Without changing anything, selecting #'s 3 & 4 both work. I have read posts and messed around with N-track and audio on my PC quite a bit, so I can appreciate if anyone could suggest anything!


Well #4 is not an ASIO driver it’s a WDM driver. And #3 is a third-party add on driver/wrapper that you must have installed at some time.

Saying that, ASIO4ALL is good stuff. Nothing wrong with using it it if works.

sorry Bunker but confusion rules - a Standalone is a program that works totally on it own - a Plugin is a progran that is added to an audio track in a DAW - its either one or the other, never both at the same time -

what is the name of the standalone / plugin are you trying to use - with that info we may be able to help you -

Dr J

Thanks Dr J, Sorry for confusion!

The plugin is my Amplitube Live and a GuitarRig demo, I can run both (a) through N-Track as a plugin or (b) on its own (not with N-track). What I was wondering is along the lines of your response to MLCPRS2 thread:

"windows volume control is out of circuit when using the audigy -

i only have 1 input on my Audigy (but the two cant be so far apart) above the Record fader on the Audigy mixer is an icon click on the icon by default it says “spdif in - what you hear and wave/MIDI/CD” click on ‘what you hear’ and it will change to line in/mic in - now you can adjust the input level -"

The lone Native Instrument Audio set-up, for example uopon loading GuitarRig outside of N-track, lets you configure the input & output to any setting and receives sound (1-4), while N-track is only producing input sounds through 3&4…Come to think of it, I only know how to select inputs. The soundcard has the ability, I just don’t know how to get N-track to use that ability. I use the Line/Aux 2 Guitar Port as my input channel for guitar…

PS- I agree, ASIO4ALL made many a music maker mighty! But why do things the easy way? (just kidding…I really wish I knew how to work it out, it’s faster on my PC.)