Any economics buffs ?

This is a MUST see

Juan Enriquez video

Scary - But when corporate America said goodbye and went for cheap labor, killing
our industries and jobs (our means to pay on our loans) they screwed us. They
made killer profits, wanted more (in the way of ‘Financial Institutions’) and
double screwed us - and now THEY want a bailout. Hell no. Let them die.(ecconmically)
And don’t forget Frank and Dodd and those other (fill in the blank) who let it
happen and then turn around like they’re are saviors with that rediculous
bailout plan of their (corporate buddies). This is just the tip of the iceberg.
We are headed for some serious downtime. And of course Obama’s is going to
get the blame in the end. I don’t think there is much he can do. Sorry to say.

I have to agree with 7o11. I haven’t looked at the vid yet but will. Something can be done. I don’t know if these business qualify or not. In some cases, jobs that no one will do here. Some Statesmen won’t do any job. So in cases like that where a co had to move for that kind of labor ok. But a protion of their help should come from the other country too. Especially if most of the profits are spent in the other country.
That should be mesured. The greedy ones that took jobs over seas for pure profits should get the cold shoulder like 7’o is saying.
Oboma has options. :agree: It will be interesting to see what he and his people come up with.

Hey I like that = 7’o, sounds bondish lol Give um hell 7’o!

Watch the CLip - it explains it all and is very funny doing it. It all started in Iceland by the way.

I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t a goodern! :)

I just read thru the PDF (slide show or whatever). So I probably missed the ‘lighter side’.
But the scariest is the default swap market at 55 trillion. MORE THAN THE
GLOBAL GDP. Holy Shmoly.