Any female vox and/or bass players?

I’ve got a couple of songs that I’ve worked up some roughs on with my band that I’m interested in experimenting with. For one of them I’d like to hear how it sounds with a female lead vocal, and on the other I’m looking for a fresh idea for a bass line. Both songs are in the melodic/pop vein. If anyone is interested in taking a crack at these, I can email a mix to you, or post it up in the music forum? Not sure how this stuff works here. Thanks.

Sign up at and post whatever you have so far anyplace where folks can link to it. (If you ask, they’ll give you space for the purpose at Artistcollab.)

Yep. Artist collaboration.

We did have a little collab hear a few years back. Anyone remember Robert’s bad foot? I wonder if he’s still out there.

Anyway, you might get some response here if you post your tracks. Somebody may hear and get inspired.

I’ve done a few collabs over the internet. It’s a great feeling creating music with folks you’ve never met (face to face) from all over the world.


Yeah, what Mark and Learjeff said.

Go to “The Front Door” and introduce yourself along with what you are looking for. You will have to register to post but its all free including 100Meg of space for file exchanges, etc.

The site is owned and operated by fellow n-Trackers.

Lots of talent lurking over there.