Any one ever write a detailedtutorial on using

tutorial on looping in NT? I know that it has some basic looping abilities, but having looked at the help files i can’t figure it out all th e way. I am an old Acid pro guy, and i can make loops as fast as you can say buddies got a booboo in that program, but now i use NT more since i work with midi a lot. with Acid you set a looped region, fine adjust the loop until it plays seemlessly and then hit the render to a new track feature and check the box render looped region only waa laa a brand new loop. That is priceless when recording say a guitar track and it is just repetitious chords, make a C chord loop, a G chord loop and an A chord loop paint them in and bam a geetar track quicker that emirils casserole. I would love some of the old NT vets to write a few good pointer on looping with in NT, how to set loop regions, how to cut out the waste and keep the looped area, so forth on those lines.

Thanks in advance for listening to my ramblings! Oh taste the casserole, it is real good!


May or may not be there