Any other big n-track forums?!

Any other big n-track forums?!

Are there any other websites providing big n-track forums!? I mean some that are not on the main website?!


You might want to try

It is run by a bunch of old n-Trackers and has some very good information about DAWs in general.



but they won’t give you cracks/serials either.

If you are genuine about wanting to actually use n-track don’t ask for cracks, otherwise people just won’t talk to you.

What you say maaszy? Let him ask for some cracks at audiominds forum… :D
The strange thing about this guy, is whay he wants a ntrack crack since mainly this kind of guy only likes cracks about the big ones like Cubase or Sonar. He can try ask for it in one of their forums…
This world is a little crazy. The guys that do Krystal audio engine are having troubles with someone that is cracking their… free software…

I know that Homerecording has a forum dealing with n-Track…

regards, Nils

WHUT ?!?

Pwaaahhaaa ! I have a cracked version of N-Track - I had a CD with the downloaded version (downloading at work used to be much faster than at home UC), but when getting out of the car at home, it accidentically fell while my wife moved the car …

Now I have a cracked N-Track ! :p

Nobody want my cracked N-Track ? :angry: