Any singers up for a bit of collab?

Singer(s) wanted…

Hey guys!

I’ve been paying a lot of visits to and grabbed myself a bunch of backing tracks to play along and practice to. Great site. I am starting to record some of my efforts. I was just wondering whether any of you vocalists out there would like to add vocals to anything I’ve recorded? So far I’ve only done a rough version of Pink Floyd’s Shine on you Crazy Diamond, but I’ve got a bunch of backing tracks from Rush, Queen, Marillion, Boston and others in that vein. This is purely a “for fun” project. I’m not going to sell or attempt to make any money from this, so I don’t see any problems with copyright etc. (Although anyone is free to correct me if I’m wrong!) The end results may go up on my own site and the collaborators may also use them as they wish, (within legal boundries of course!)

Anyone up for some warbling? Drop me a line! I can send projects in ntrack packed format, or provide download links if preferred. First off, I’d like someone to do the vocs for Shine On. Anyone out there man (or woman?) enough? :)

I’m up for ‘Shine On’. Plenty of time on my hands. But doesn’t that song need the equivalent of a female choir for the backing? ???

Hey, if you want to add some backing too, be my guest. I’ve PM’d you, so go for it! Cheers bud!