anybody else get an explorer.exe crash?

It seems to happen when N Track loads, sometimes… I think it has something to do with the WDM drivers, because it didn’t seem to happen with ASIO, but ASIO is completely un-usable for me after 60% CPU usage (pops and clicks).

So, explorer.exe started crashing after I had been messing around with some system settings, so then I reversed the changes I made and it stopped for awhile, now its doing it again… Weirdly, I am able to continue working after the process stops, the only thing that happens is that some of my system tray icons disappear. I thought the OS was very dependent on this process?

any ideas? any similar experiences?

I’m running XP, two Delta 44s. Its a stripped down OS installation on its own partition, with only audio stuff installed.

I’ve had it happen, too. Occasionally. I’m using ASIO drivers, XP sp2, EMU 1820/ESI GigaStation/UAD-1.

The crashes I’ve experienced have been pretty occasional and they have never happened in a critical moment, and, what’s important, they have never stopped the nTS to save work, so I’ve considered them as a minor annoyance instead of a nuisance. Of course, that attitude changes the moment I loose something irreplaceable…

Hello Folks,

I have had these crashes of the explorer.exe, too, using ntrack Versions 4.0.0-4.0.3. It happens also under win XP SP2 as under win 98 SE. With the actual Version 4.0.5, Build 1845, I haven’t recognize any crashes anymore.


I had the same problem but so far, 4.0.5/1845 hasn’t crashed.

hmm… maybe an upgrade to the latest build is in order.

There was a memory corruption issue in earlier builds of 4.0 that got fixed. It was pretty bad on some machines and not bad to none existent on others. That got fixed around build 1811.

I had one similar crash after doing lots of edits in 1811, but it didn’t act the same as the original memory corruption problem. It also hasn’t reproed.

If you aren’t running 1811 I think you definitely should pick up that build, or even 1845. So far so go with that, but I haven’t done much with the new build yet.

And if you are on 1811 or 1845 then you may have hit another corruption problem that Flavio needs to look into. Crashing in explorer.exe from n-Tracks is a symptom of writing outside your address space…memory corruption. Symptoms can be VERY strange and tracking these problems down can be a HUGE pain.

FYI: It might not be n-Tracks, but it could be a driver or a harddrive going flaky or RAM doing the same. If it’s consistent in any way that’s a really good thing for helping solve the problem.

(Work has been killing me the last few weeks so I’m not doing much recording or hanging out in the forum unfortunately…it happens sometimes.)

I’ll try to the upgrade as soon as I can, then I’ll play with the drivers, I’ll see if it crashes if I switch back to ASIO. I’m hoping its not a hardware problem, maybe I need to re-install or update the drivers…