Anybody have disc burner recommendations?


All of the recommendations I can find on the web for our purposes are years old! Any suggestions … and … can I get away with just a fast CD-RW drive, or is there something good about DVD burners for music production (such as better master discs?) Thanks!

The technology is such that the DVD burners and CD burners are both very good. If you want a good burner for the money try this one from NEWEGG.

DVD burner

I’ve put a half-dozen $40 Lite-On DVD burners in various machines and use them heavily for CD and DVDs (I also edit video).
ZERO problems.

NEWEGG Lite-On DVD Burners

I think all burners burn pretty much the same brand vs. brand. I would shop price and included software. I recently bought a Mad Dog DVD burner when my CD burner crapped out. It burns CDs perfectly, and, I can back up so much more data on a DVD now. Well worth the small increase in price over a CD burner.

It’s what TimOBrian posted… and pretty much a standard burner… The custom DAW builders use the Lite-On brand name… The Audio Big Guys consider them to be the standard, for whatever reasons… Any other brand name would be Going-Against-the-Grain… However, I have six DVD burners five of them being LG’s and one being Pioneer…

I have several pieces of software that I use… But recently I’ve been using the Cheetah DVD utility…

It works great and with no issues… As well, it comes bundled with several pieces of standard utilities you must have when you work around audio and DAW’s…


Thanks guys, I will pick and buy soon!

Hey guys,
After checking things out a bit, I found the software that came with the Plextor Premium Plexwriters to be pretty good. Do you think the Plexwriters are built the same way they used to be when they produced such a buzz in the pro world?

I’ve had the Plexor Premium just under a year. Its a very precise burner. My only complaint with it is… it didn’t come with the software to access the special features of the drive. I think they are included in the European drives but not with the US. Check before you buy. If you have any specific questions about it… I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks squidly, will do!
BTW if you go to the Plextools website you can download the Plextools PRO HDD version for free (catch is it only works on Plextor drives, but for you that’s a free bonus!).
Check out:plextools product info.
If interested you can click on the download button at top of screen.

… I think I am leaning toward the plexwriter. :D

Over the past twelve years I’ve had a variety of CDROM drives, burners, DVD readers/ burners, and I’ve had problems with all of them.

All except my latest one, a Pioneer DVR 110 D, it’s been flawless for over a year now. It reads everything I’ve put in it, and every CD or DVD I’ve burned with it has been readable on all other devices I’ve put the media into. It’s relatively cheap, and it works for me.

Perhaps that’s also the media I use. TDK seems to be the perfect partner, both CD’s and DVD-R’s.

Software: Avoid Nero 7 like the plague on your DAW. It installs some nasty, clock-cycle stealing, “helpful” apps that are impossible to get rid of without a reformat. Or install it if you want, and say “welcome back” to all those clicks and pops you worked so hard to get rid of.

AShampoo works good for just burning files, and Sony DVD architect and Sony CD architect have worked good for me for more complex projects.

Thanks Gizmo, that’s two votes for Pioneer!