Anybody heard from....

Gone But Not Forgotten

Nixon1972: I have not seen Kevin anywhere on any of the boards. He hasn’t been on his SoundClick account in ages. I have not heard from him since the middle of last summer after a couple of collabs. KEVIN WHERE ARE YOU?

Levi : Did he blues himself to death or what? I kept getting invites to join him on Facebook, which I dont do, but have not seen him around forever. Hello Levi, anyone home?

CabinMars: He’s another one just sorta dropped off the face of the internet.

JDET: Was here, was over at the other one, is gone.

Sevenofeleven: Bought himself that new guitar and that was the last we heard from him.


Nixon = dunno
Levi is on Facebook. He seldom posts though - announced he was ‘back’ a couple days ago, whatever that means.
Cabinmars is a no show everwhar.
JDET I hear from once a week or so - he had to cut back and gave up his internet but checks in at church.
Seven lebben - dunno neeither…

Limey, the green guy? Mac? :laugh:

I have not heard a thing from, of , about Limey in what, maybe 2 1/2 - 3 years?


Limey vanished. Mac is an MTS guy and is often at

7 got a wizzy new set-up.

These guys were great contributors to audio and creation of tracks and all on this Board…

Time-and-health has a way of leveling the playing field…
Guys like them are surrounded by so much experience in the Audio Domain…



I used to enjoy Jezar’s wisdom. His articles (eg “How to mix a pop song from scratch”) are still among my favourites and can still be found around the Internet. Last I heard he’d gone sheep farming or something ?? ?

Sure. Audio pro to sheep farming. Makes total sense. :)


I live down the road to where some old rocker lived (his daughter still resides).
His name will come to me in the night....Tyrone P.....? Nah! Hurricane...? nah!

He did that, but with a dairy herd :laugh:

Actually I’ve “found” Jezar online. It wasn’t too hard but I’ll respect his privacy. But it doesn’t look as if sheep farming is his current gig. : -)