Anybody running Line6 UX2 or UX8?

Help in tracking down a bug.

I’ve been working on this bug for while. I was wondering if anybody here is using the Line6 Gearbox UX2 or UX8. If so let me know and I’ll explain the issue and see if I can reproduce it. For more information it’s bug #5 at the bugzilla.


My line6 gearbox is very particular on how it is started. I finally found the sequence it likes and if I don’t do it in order it will cause driver problems with n-Track, Reaper, and the other two software programs I use.
After reading your bug reports and the symptoms I doubt if this is an n issue.

My sequence is - start computer with line 6 unit plugged in, start program (n), open gearbox.
This is for my sys using Vista Home edition SP2.

I’ve got a support request in over at Line6 about it. Does your do the issue I reported, the half speed playback on initial startup? Just wonder Poppa.


Nope - if I try it out of sequence I get a driver error right on start-up of n.