Anybody wanna jam?

I have a solo instrumental thing I do that is something along the lines of Led Zeppelin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You”. Not being a player of Jimmy Page’s caliber, my leadwork is hit and miss at times, but it’s fun to try. Anyway, since it’s been on my mind to collaborate, I figured I’d throw this out there in it’s present recorded form. I can complete it myself, but wondered if anyone wanted to help.

18 bar blues in 12/8 time

you could probably get a half dozen or more guys in on this Kevin.

If it turns into a 20+ minute jam, it’s not gonna hurt my feelings. :laugh:

Need to get it done while we still got Yaz available to mix it and claim producer credits. Gotta get that boy some work. :)

You have a place to post a wav or you just wanna put the mp3 setting to download?

I have an account at MediaFire, if I can figure out how to use it. If not, I’ll just set the mp3 for download.

Hi Kev I wouldn’t mind addin some riffs… I don’t do a lot of minor stuff but it’s bluesy and I can feel it. Is this the drums that will be featured? Might get pops to make something special.
I’d rather you say hey Levi you take this part here. :agree: I think this is cool Kev, get eveyone to participate!

I just got a new 12/8 pack - might try somethin’

I’m game fellers!

We could take this to esession to gain credits.

Post up sumpin’ on MediaFire Kev. I’d like to throw something on this… :agree:


Here ya go. Haven’t checked it, but I think it should work. As far as “taking a part” goes, I’d suggest doing a whole verse. Haven’t thought it through, but seems logical. It can be extended out as many verses as needed when it’s time to mix. You could also just play with the whole thing, as long as your not offended that it might not all be used. Like I said, I hope to let Yaz be the man on this. Well, gotta run. T-ball practice in 15 minutes. :laugh:

TwelveEight Blues (no lead guitar) 24 bit version


as long as your not offended

As long as you're not offended by MY geetar hackin'... :laugh:

Maybe I can throw some stuff on there. If you use it fine... if you don't still fine. :agree:


PS Unless of course I can find out where you live and then I'll TP your yard and egg your house... (j/k)

Have fun at T-Ball Kevin and don’t strike out! :laugh:

Ok, got my wave copy, come on home boys and get yers, would like to hear about 50 different styles on this one!

anyone got a bpm - now that Kevin’s gone I ask… ???
with my timing, maybe I shouldn’t be doing a drum track. :whistle:

new 12/8 realdrums sound awesome though.

That’s what I came back to ask Poppa! BPM. So we can line these files up too.

Guess we have to wait til T-Ball is over.

Don’t know what’s going on with Time/Warner Cable but was just told they’re changing their format and gonna start charging for downloads after a 200 mb per month. So that will leave me outta downloading wave file songs.
$1 per mb after your allotment also. Jeezzzzzzzz

Poor man ain’t got a chance.
Boy o boy, it never stops.

One thing I’ve learned programming drum tracks - It takes absolute accuracy to sound loose.
And that’s important to me.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 04 2009, 2:40 PM)

It takes absolute accuracy to sound loose.

Ex-Lax works!