Anyone else having trouble

getting to

Anyone else having trouble getting to

jerm :cool:

Hi jeremysdemo:
It’s been a while sense I’ve been over to the CC Board…

I wonder if their board has been compromised… like this one has been, lately?

It sure would be nice if this could be fixed once and for all… and the IP Addresses of these people could be discovered and be dealt with…


I don’t think it’s that easy Bill.

Sure, discovering IPs is easy for the people who host this, and blocking them isn’t much harder. But I read recently that there’s at least an estimated ten million spambots out there. In other words, ten million innocent computers that are being used to spread spam without the owners even being aware of the fact.

I’m 99.9% sure my PC ain’t a spambot, how about you? :)

Still can’t edit my own posts. :(

Bill, I use a hardware firewall in my router, I have two other software firewalls running, and they’re all configured as best I can.

I use FProt and Avast, Spybot and AdAware, CCleaner and a whole bunch of other stuff to keep this PC clean, but it still gets through.

Just a couple of days ago Spybot found a nasty little piece of malware called called system.exe in my windows/system32 folder. It tried to get rid of it but couldn’t and it eventually took me around 2 hours to clean it out completely.

It’s a dirty world out here in Internet land. :)