Anyone every use FLAC compression?

I bought a collection of Pete Seeger recordings as a download and they are offered only as MP3 256 or FLAC compression. FLAC is said to be lossless, but I can’t determine if it’s what I would want, I had planed to put the recordings onto CDs to play in the car. I have Sound Forge 8 but it does not list FLAC.

do a google search on flac - you will need the decompression program - simple download. WinAmp will convert them too I think, been a while.

This might also help you: Best thing to do is download those Seeger tunes in FLAC and listen, if you havent already.

Been awhile for me too, I rarely use FLAC, OGG(container), APE, etc. (altho OGG is a primary audio format in one of the PC games I help beta test). And APE is slightly better than FLAC I recall, but FLAC is probably more widely used.

Thanks I looked over the site. I have decided to just buy the Cds. I want to play them in my car and the pressed Cd will play better anyhow.


there are 161 hits at for ‘free flac converter’. is a trusted site, no spam, no virus’s.

Free FLAC converters at

Thanks, I did find the information on FLAC and I already own WinAmp so I have a converter/player. The price difference was only 14.95 with shipping, and for a 5 Cd set it just did not seem worth the work to convert and burn my own when I could buy the disks.
I’m going to spend more time checking out the Smithsonian Folkways site for recordings. The prices seem reasonable for some hard to find recordings of my old heros.
I guess if I were a “modern” fellow who only listened on my computer or Ipod the downloads would be a good deal, and FLAC would seem a better choice than MP3, but like a lot of computer situations, the better choice is not necessarly the most popular/supported choice.