Anyone Fancy Doing A Little Lead?


I’m after a lead part for about 8 bars…perhaps accoustic guitar…or whatever you think might fit.
I just can’t get my head straight lately…think I’ve lost it…

First response…I’ll take it!



I can try… lot better players in here than me though.

It’s yours.

How can you say that after Chalk and Cheese? GREAT playing!!

I’d try one for ya Craig but Poppa’s a lot better player than I.

yea right…

It’s true! :)

Any time you need one bluezy like, let me know good buddy.

Thanks Levi. I WILL take you up on that :)

I’ll give a try…But I’m not very good…


No worries Paco.

Thanks for the offer but this ones all wrapped up now.

(I’ll be in touch tho…)


A little late I know, but I’ll put myself up for musical prostitution too. Always happy and willing to knock out some twanging for anyone! :slight_smile: take care.


Thanks mate!


i’m way down on the list, behind T, T, D, P, Z, Elmo, and the league of women voters. Plus, I’m going back to work tomorrow, so time is now limited.

Don’t do lead. Saturnism is no fun at all.


speaking of Saturnism - where’s TomS been?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 16 2009, 11:11 AM)

speaking of Saturnism - where's TomS been?

I heard he was kid-napped by Nintendo Corp Ninja's... :p

They're forcing him to reproduce all of Mozart's work using the Korg doo-hickey for Nintendo DS.

He'll be released in 87 years +/-...


eesh. mozart had over 650 cataloged pieces, if memory serves. that’s a lot of synth figured bass lines.

and TomS bein’ a Brahms fan too - gonna be hard on him!

We’ll never see Tom again… I found a picture of one of his ninja “guards”…