Anyone fancy doing a nice

Accoustic part for me?

Hi all.

I’m not a lead guitarist or a ‘picker’ so just wondered…

I’ve just done a song that needs a nice accoustic picking part. Well, the main part really.
It’s a simple song written for voice and guitar, but I want something a little more than I can play myself.

Anyone fancy playing it for me?
I can send a rough version.


I’ll give it a shot - just got new strings in too. I’m a fair strolling finger picker.

(have you the time though Poppa? :D )

I’ll bang you the tune over tomorrow…(when I’ve done the rough) along with the chords.
mp3 ok for now? bpm 103

I’ll make the time, now that my system is fairly completed - should be a quick turn around.

Thank you.
I’ll send tomorrow.


Heh… my kid took my Alvarez off to college wif 'im… rotten brat! :laugh:

I don’t even OWN an acoustic anymore… wah… WAHHH!!!


Well I was gonna offer but Poppa beat me to it! :)

Go for it Yaz! Choices are good.

I’d probably muck it up Poppa, and Craig’s tunes are too good fer that! :laugh:

Well now you get to listen to it and say - That’s great except for the acoustic guitar part.

Should be fun to do something for Craig.

I keep tellin’ him the only thing wrong with his songs is that they ain’t got my name on 'em.

Thanks chaps!
Not countin’ me chickens yet…this could be the worst song you ever heard.

The damned thing is haunting my dreams…

Worse than The Macarena? Worse than S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night? :laugh:

I don’t think so Craig.

Fair point Yaz…fair point!


S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night?

DAG-NABBIT YAZ!! I had almost driven that musical abortion from my memory... you just HAD to bring it up... :laugh:

My little sister played the stoooopid song 24/7 for a year. :disagree:


Well Craig said his new song would probably be the worst you’ve ever heard, had to prove a point! :laugh:

How’s it sounding Craig?

Great thanks Poppa.

Such is Poppas talent that he not only did the picking…but he came back with every other instrument done and done!!!

What a guy. :agree:

Now I need some spare time for the vox…