Anyone got a list of what controls what?

Pause Button - metronome On

Some of the controls are just hard for me to see - so Flavio gave us skins we could make. However, a couple of controls that drive me crazy:
The Pause Button blinks (slowly) but the change is color is so slight I can’t see it.
The ON button in the metronome box - I can’t tell when it shanges color ( as a matter of fact, it seems to be darker when it is Off.
Does anyone know what these might be list under? Maybe they are not controlable.

The look and feel of some of those buttons are under the total control of Windows. I’ve been complaining for years that checks as toggle buttons are almost impossible to tell what state they are in by the way look. This change came in with WinXp. The only workaround is to create totally custom buttons – something that’s overly complicated for the developer – or changing them to check boxes instead of toggle buttons – like the checks in preferences.

Yes - something conventional like green/on red/off would be nice.