Anyone got the time?

To do me a quick drum pattern?

I cant seem to get it to sound right on N.

I’m just looking for a real sounding disco kind of sound. A bit like here:…ff0add7

But that was a quick sample on nTrack.
I just need a few bars like that…then a few bars without the open hi hat.

If anyone has a go please don’t spend time on it because I might not use it! I’m still not sure what the song needs…and even if it’s worthy of recording yet…



About 125 BPM?

I might be able to flog something down in EZD a bit later. I have to run to the big city for a bit right now…


Sorry, yes D 125 bmp.



wow I was the 999,999th viewer! I won a million dollars! Thx Craig!

Did you try that pappa willie loop? get funky

aahem, I mean Ching! :laugh:

Craig let me know if D doesn’t get to it. I’ll fire you one out between pausing my 3 other tunes I got hovering in holding patterns.

It’ll be tomorrow now… just got back… need sleep.


I got the boy taken care of D.

What a great place it is here!!