anyone have registration issues?

I’ve registered 4.x. Works great…except every now and then my name doesn’t show up in the “about box”. I was also mixing down a song and it added beeps like it was unregistered. The weird thing was that n-track just did it to one song, and that was the only limitation/difference (i.e., effects on all tracks, I could save, etc.).
With 3.x, I only ever had to put my name and codes in once. I’ve been having to enter my codes several time so far with different builds.

I get concerned becuase each time I enter my codes, the firewall says n-track is trying to access the internet. I don’t want my registration to be blacklisted as pirated numbers.

Is this happening to anyone else?

I think we’ve all had registarion issues at one point or another.
I myself have never upgraded since 2.3 (6 yrs. and counting) but I’m shure I’ve read simular senarios before here.
I think one solution was uninstalling the previous version first.
if that doesn’t work Email Flavio and he will send you new codes if necc.
In the meantime, keep checking in to see if anyone else responds.
Sorry i couldn’t be of more help.

Keep trackin’


I purchased the upgrade for ver 4 on Dec 30 and still hadn’t rec’d my reg codes as of Jan 4, so I wrote Flavio (at the support email addy) today.

Anyone else had slow response in this regard? Or perhaps its just the holidays…