Anyone having mixdown issue with ASIO and ver 5

I’m using ASIO drivers and an EWSDMT88. I get the song mixed and all the levels/effects set. Then when I mixdown (while offline and with soundcard settings) the resulting mixed down wave file sounds nothing like the mix I did.

Anyone have similar issues?

That all depends on how you are playing back the mixed wavefile. Import it into a new song in n-Tracks and listen there. If it doesn’t sound the same there then I don’t have a clue what it could be. Chances are whatever media player you are listening through is applying EQ or changing the playback level or both. Windows Media Player may be defaulting to having WOW Effects on. That will REALLY change the sound.

what is this “EWSDMT88” Google does not recognise it?

Dr J

Quote (DR Jackrabbit @ Dec. 28 2006,21:17)
what is this "EWSDMT88" Google does not recognise it?

Dr J

It's a sound card made by Terratec. I think phoo is on the right track...

Mixdown your song then import it into a new project in n-Track. It should sound the same.


OK Terratec -

when you play a song in N then you are using the terratec as the output device - when you use WMP unless you program windows to use the terratec as a preferred device WMP will ALWAYS play audio using the PCs default audio setting - this is how anybody without an additional soundcard would hear your CD -

so to hear what the rest (99.9999999%) of the world would hear if they had your CD, set N to playback using your PCs base audio drivers - when that sounds good your part way there -

WMP 9 uses Direct Sound audio drivers which are not the best but thats what you have to work with to get your songs to sound OK -

the ACID TEST for all CDs is to use a standalone player not connected to a PC, or convert your track to MP3 and listen to it on an IPOD or like device - that will give you a base line from which to work -

WINAMP is slightly better than WMP and when set up correctly will sound like stand alone player, but its how your work sounds using the default settings that matters -

Dr J