Anyone here have an MX200?

help me configure n-Track to use it?

I installed the software, and have the audio running out of my Aardvark Q10 s/pdif into the lexicon box, and then back into the Q10 s/pdif in, the unit shows up as a VST plugin, I can get sound to it, I can hear the reverb on top of the track, seems like everything is working fine, but I can’t figure out how to route things so that the think will act like a normal plug in - it’s like the effected sound gets to the box, but then comes out the monitors straight without going back into n-Track. Anyone have one of these? If so, how did you set it up? I am just being stupid… :angry:

I don’t know that much about it Tom. I have read a review or two.

The VST “plugin” I believe is just a control panel for the unit. If you want that sweet Lexi reverb on just the vocal track, you have to SEND just the vocal track out the S/PDIF of the Aardvark then RETURN it to the Aardvark via S/PDIF and record the effected track separately. Does that make sense? I am pretty sure that’s what I read about the unit. I could be WRONG!

Good luck. Let us know how you get on. 200 smackers for Lexicon quality is not too shabby. If it sounds as good as their other stuff.


Yes, that’s the idea. I guess I have to get the sound right and then render and import the effected tracks before doing the final rendering - which is what I did last night. So it’s sort of a plug in and sort of not. I wish I could just hit the mixdown button and have it work like a regular plug in. Anyway, it sounds fabulous, and I will deal with the inconvenience. My wife agreed that it sounded even better than the SIR impulses I’ve been using - why would that be? It’s digital, after all… ???

Whatever, it is definitely a step up for me. :D