Anyone recording Holiday music?

If so, what?

We’re in our 6th year as a family recording Christmas/solstice music to give as a gift to extended family members. Anyone else doing this sort of thing? If so, what have you recorded, or what do you plan to record? :)

What nice idea TomS (hope your extended family members think the same :D , im kidding).
By the moment my family need grow a little (a girl of 1year8month and a 2weeks baby) by the moment we can record some “gugu, bua,bua” cryings.
I have recorded some traditional (spanish and world) christmas songs with the scout group of my church. but i will not forget your nice idea.

Hey marce,

I would love to buy a copy of the christmas CD you have made. probably other nTrackers would also like to buy some.

please tell us if this is possible.



Years ago while visiting Half Moon Bay, CA, I bought a used book of Christmas Carols. It has most of the traditional stuff but it also has some great music that isn’t well known in the US. It lists carols from Czech, Polish, Puerto Rican, Irish, Swedish traditions. There is a lot more represented from the European nations of course. Music from the 14th century to the present are given.

But each year I learn a handful of these gems to mingle with the well known ones.

The name of the book, A Book of Christmas Carols…by Haig and Regina Shekerjian.

thanks, syn, that’s the main problem - coming up with unusual things!

Marce, our first CD had our 1 year old laughing while we played jingle balls. now the kids do most of the singing, at ages 5 and 6, you canimagine how it melts the hearts of their grandparents. :)

I had a nice experience recording the kids of the scout choir. Even if they dont go well in tune, or go faster, they always have grace and are heared with a smile. Things that you dont forgive to professional people.

If you want share some little xcerpts of this recordings, i believe that some one of us will enjoy a lot. Im planning also share some of what i have recorded. Maybe a “ntrack christmas album” :D

Tom -

I haven’t done anything this year, after selling all my equipment and moving to Australia… But I have done several Christmas songs.

The best (IMHO) is a jazzy version of “Away in a Manger.” This is available for download on my Collaboration Central site. I’ve also done “O Holy Night” in the same style and “O Come, O Come, Immanuel” in a classical / orchestral arrangement.

Giving a Christmas Album to my family has been a dream of mine for some time, but I am limited by the fact that I can’t really get anyone else involved :( !

- Ben

I have recorded a 10 song full-length Christmas record in the vein of Simon & Garfunkel meets Mazzy Star meets the Innocence Mission meets Slowdive. :) It’s been a blast, but I have pretty much been holed up in my studio for a month and a half doing it, friendless. :) Ah for a social life again! :)

I’m doing one for this year. It is only maybe 6 or so songs. Of course, I had to turn the project into something huge. I got gongs. I got 80 piece orchestras. I got singers. I got everything, now I just need to get the flipping sequencing finished. Ugh. I spent all day Sunday on a What Child is This arrangement and I am still not happy with the sequence. Dern violas sound like poo. Anywho, yup, I’m working on one too.

Well, here is my effort to record and arrange Xmas Music:

Navidad - Dios con nosotros

Is a mp3 with some seconds of each song. There are some things that i wished do better (like record the voices with more pro way) but since the “hurry up” made me dont to all i wanted. But anyway i believe that they dont so bad. I record the voices and do the musical arranges, sequencing, and the scout choir sing.
Hope you like it.

OK, n-Track compilation holiday CD? :)

You know…I hadn’t considered that this year. We’re moving across state on Dec 2, so not sure when I’d be able to finish a tune. However…I’m interested. As I read the thread, it came to me that I could do an instrumental of “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” fairly quickly. Perhaps, if the cutoff date were late enough, I’d be able to do that for a group effort.

If not…then I can do it later on for my own family.

What date we want to set as a finish point?


I would do one as well Tom…Sounds like fun…set a deadline and let’s do it!


Well, you’re gonna have to see Harry Fox to get your hands on mine. I’ll have my agent be in touch. :D :p :laugh: I’m in for at least one tune I suppose. BTW, as of last night, the violas are sounding swell. Stupid attack filter…

Well, how would you want to do this? I don’t know how many we would need, or how profesional the job ought to be. ???

Well, anyone got web space we can use? Do we want actual CDs or are MP3s/WMAs posted good nuff and folks can pull and burn what they want? I say keep it small or it will turn into work and stop being fun real quick.

Agreed. Why don’t we post the compressed files and let folks pick and choose?

How about a deadline of Dec 18? One week before Christmas?

of course, I’m moving to a new house across state on Dec 2, so I just suggest that because it’s gonna be a pain to get it done before then

No n-Trackers Xmas CD? we need someone that rules, i will simply follow him :;):
I can collaborate with one theme, i believe that also Bubba, and i see two more themes in the “ntrack music” section. 4 is a nice number. Who gives me 5?