Anyone Seen These Little Mics?


Karma Micros

Link is not working!

It’s a buzz on, if you’re interested- see “Microphones”.

They’ve just this last couple minutes gone up to $5, but still they might be a gas little deal. Haven’t tried one myself, and I don’t do Paypal, so I’m not at it just yet.

Maybe they’re on ebay, going to see.

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Karma Audio

The little mics look cool, but how do you put 'em on a stand? I think you’d need a butterfly clip.

They are CHEAP too:


First 1,000 units are only: $0.99
After that they are $5.00 each

Then on the mini page:
$0.99 Cents Each
Sale Price: $5.00

So…how much are these things? :D
Quote (phoo @ Aug. 25 2006,13:41)
They are CHEAP too:

First 1,000 units are only: $0.99
After that they are $5.00 each

Then on the mini page:
$0.99 Cents Each
Sale Price: $5.00 much are these things? :D
I think they're $5 now. The second time I went to the page, they moved from .99 to $5. The .99 notation is still up, but it's now $5 in red.

Thanks Jeff.

They are just those little panasonic mics used in the stapes, or something like it, right? Still, even at 5 bucks they can’t be covering their costs. Trying to raise their profile for their other mics? They too look pretty inexpensive. ???

This one looks like it could be a good deal.

There’s a demo to listen to

Hard to say if it sounds better than a <$100 mic.


used in the stapes

What do you mean stapes?
Quote (kenny_b @ Aug. 28 2006,20:10)
used in the stapes

What do you mean stapes?
There was a DIY mic project 3 or 4 years back in Tape Op that some folks made into a more pro model under that name - but a couple of us here made the mics, I did, mine never sounded as good as the ones I heard here. :( But they used these little button condensor mics made by panasonic that were just a couple of bucks or so, plus a 9 volt supply.


No doubt it’s just an inexpensive condenser capsule mounted in an XLR connector, more or less. And no need for a 9-volt, with phantom power. But a simple mike like this can sound good and be useful, and it would cost you more than $5 to make it yourself. Might be nice to have a handful of these when you just need a few extra mikes – at the cost of the cables, stands, and clips. They might be nice to scatter around a drum kit for a little extra control & reinforcement. (Though at 125 dBSPL max, don’t put 'em too close to the heads for a loud drummer).

I’m tempted! A blues band I recently joined is talking about recording a demo, and maybe I’ll try a few for that purpose. I’ll let y’all know how it works out if I do. (Gotta fix my MOTU first!)

Looks like it’s $8 for shipping for up to 9 of them. I’d probably get 5. But then, some time it might be nice to have 8 identical mikes, one for each channel, for a total of $48. :wink:

i ordered 4 of these a few days ago. never hurts to have a few extras at this price… just have to spend some time testing and see what sounds good under them.

Please let us know what you find. An A/B comparison with a popular mike like SM58 sure would be interesting!

Ya these look very similar to the type I use inside my guitars (the capsule that is). If any of you DIYers out there are looking for some even cheaper mics to mess with, check out:


another mic

Lear is right though, it’ll be tough to make what they’ve got for less than 5 bucks, even if these are only 50c.

Those aren’t mics, they’re just capsules. Takes a little more to make it a mic. Not much, admittedly – but more than $5 in parts. The XLR connector alone is over $3, IIRC (well, depending on where/how you get them).

I made 4 of those project mics. They sound ok for messing around or demos but can’t imagine using them for a serious project. They are omni so not the best for stereo mic’ing of an acoustic guitar for example and they would be overloaded by a loud drum-kit I believe.

It was a fun project but not worth it as far as the cost/performance of the mics.

The schematic called for the battery power supply which also needs two mic cables to use. I would rather use phantom power, but I’m not sure these mics can work the same without modification of the circuit. They will be damaged if both the phantom power and battery is used.

These particular mics are cardioid and take phantom power, so apparently it’s not the same as the tape-op project. From their website:

Type: Mini - Condenser
Frequency Response: 50Hz to 13kHz
Polar Pattern: Cardiod
Sensitivity: -27±2 dB ( 0 dB= 2V/pa @1000Hz)
Output Impedance: <200 ohms
Output Noise: <16db typical, (A weighted)
Max SPL: <0.5% THD at 1000 Hz 125 db
Power: +48V (Phantom Power)

I agree that with that SPL, you don’t put 'em close to a drum head. Some capsules have mods to increase SPL, though (when the limit is from a built-in FET rather than the diaphram).


I just ordered 2. Anybody get their mics in the mail yet?

I picked up 2 last night… looking forward to giving them a try… I am sure I will be able to get some usable sound out of them… i in no way want to spend 10,000 clams to fill my mic closet… well maybe if i had 10,000 clams LOL… I paid 18 bucks shipped for 2.


I picked up 2 last night… looking forward to giving them a try… I am sure I will be able to get some usable sound out of them

Let us know how they sound. Maybe post some samples. What are you going to use them for? Acoustic guitar? Drums? Mic Cab?