Anyone Use Battery with N-Track?

I’m pretty new with N-track and have enjoyed so far. Has anyone used drum programs such as Battery with N-Track? Is it even compatible? I do have the latest update with N-Track Drums but I’m looking for something more estavlished to create drum tracks. Thanks in advance!

Not I Gibby. But here’s a “BUMP” for you!


Go here and download the Battery demo. Load it into N-track and see if it works. Though, i have heard of success from other folks with Battery working just fine in N.

Thankd for the replies. I will give the demo a try. Brand new to the forum but I’ve been using N-Track for 3 years.

I have used it with nTrack and oil beef hooked (ya gotta say that part ten times very quickly) it works. I’m not a huge battery fan though.

Have a boo at this

Yeah, Battery works wiht n-track. But like StuH, I don’t like it much. In fact I’m no fan of any NI VSTi, they’re all too resource hungry. OK, I love the sound of NI B4 but I hate the fact that it uses 40% CPU load without even pressing a key.

I used to use Halion for my sample engine, but now I’ve fallen in love with Hypersonic. It’s a kick ass synth, a very flexible but easy to use sample engine, its Grand Piano is stunning, and the hammond is as good as NI B4. All that and it’s never gone above 8% CPU load.

Oh yeah, and as good as Learjeffs Rhodes soundfont is, I have to say that the hypersonic Rhodes is more versatile, sorry Learjeff. :(