Anyone use disk compression under NTFS?

I don’t plan to use it on my audio disk, that’s the one I record to and edit on. But my system disk with all my program files is starting to be very full.

Anyone tried it? Any affect on performance when tracking?

Haven’t tried it - since about win 3.11 - but all I’ve read about it tells it will affect performance quite a lot. Besides, in case of a fatal disk/OS problems, it will make much harder to retrieve your data from a disk.

Do you have your swap file on your system disk? How about moving it to another disk/partition? That’ll free some space.

You should NEVER EVER use disk compression, ESPECIALLY to a drive you’re going to try to record music to. Trying to compress and decompress informaion on the fly while recording and playing is going to cause you nothing but problems.

Hard drives are cheap… get another one and add it on to your system.

It seems the answer is a resounding NO! Thanks guys. :)

I wasn’t planning on using it on my audio disk Tim, just the system disk.

I know hard drives are cheap, but past experience has shown me that replacing the system disk means a whole new reinstall of XP and everything else, and that’s a pain.

All my Native Instruments software generates a hardware based keycode, and that’ll take weeks before NI respond to my request for fresh registration. I was hoping to avoid all that, but, Oh well. :(

Google for a program called EVIDENCE ELIMINATOR, (not free but cheaper than a new drive) - it can remove windows accumulated rubbish and free up a lot of disk space - ALSO DOES A LOT MORE ? - i never leave home without it!!!.

Dr J