Anyone use M-Audio USB interface

Hi there, I’m new here. Does anyone use nTrack with the M-Audio USB interface? If so, does it work well?


Which USB? There are several. I haven’t used any of them myself, but have heard mixed things about them. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about the quality of the pre, but have heard good things about simply the interface. Which one you are looking at would be helpful.


Yup, using the mobile-pre into my laptop for the last year and it seems to work fine, only 2 inputs and 16 bit, but good for a one-man-show and portable (does not need power supply).

I use a M-audio Quattro and have been happy with it. If I was looking for an interface now I would probably get the M-Audio 1010 Delta soundcard, it has more I/Os and is quite affordable

Hi Royal. I have the M-Audio “Audiophile” and I think it sounds great, works sweetly with n-track and my Compaq laptop, except just occassionally the sound is distorted when first fired up. Re-starting clears the problem and it runs fine, very stable. I think that’s a driver issue rather than a module problem but I haven’t yet been bothered enough to update the drivers.

If I was buying again today I’d look closely at the Tascam U-122, which is also reputed to sound good and has mic pre’s and a direct monitor option.


I use the usb Omnistudio and the little i’ve used it, it sounds great… vocals have real good quality. I’ll post more in the upcoming days since I’m just getting restarted in this recording situation.:blues:

I have Omnistudio USB & have had nothing but problems so far. I’m not blaming anything yet cause I haven’t worked through all the issues. Sound quality is excellent, but here’s the big catch… If you you have a board already, don’t get it. It has so many routing options that it can be a little mind boggling to use. If you don’t have much, then it’s perfect. 4 effects sends, plus a couple insert points, full monitoring with two headphone amps built in, & a whole lot more that I’m not mentioning. I still haven’t gotten the #### thing routed the way I want just because I’m using a studio board. ???

I have a Quattro. Very good sound quality.

also anything called “direct monitoring” based on a switch is totally useless while actually recording and should not be considered a feature.

The Quattro (perhaps even all M-audio) drivers are bad. They cause some stability issues in many cases (though not all). I have used 2 different M-audio products both with driver issues on different systems, and read of many horror stories on forums.

Regardless, if you can get everything going good they’re well worth the $. But Before forking out that cash I would look at the Tascam US-122 first (no wall wart, simpler, preamps included, built like a tank, the works for less than the M-Audio)