anyone using a Presonus Firepod with n-tracks

line outputs

I’m using a Presonus Firepod as my recording hardware. There are 8 line outputs. Within N-tracks, I can get those 8 line outs to produce sound during playback but I would like to get sound out of them when recording. I want to run each of the 8 inputs out of those line outs so I can create a monitor mix separate from the recording mix.

Anyone been able to get this to work?



I have a FireBOX which is similar but with fewer outputs. The Presonus Mixer is where you’d set up your monitor mix. Mind you, if you want low to no latency monitoring that little mixer app is the only way to get it. Get in the manual and check it out. There’s a section in there dealing with the subject. You should be able to easily setup 4 stereo monitor mixes.


PS Sorry to be short but I gotta run. Have to be at a funeral in about an hour. :(

are you inserting 8 blank audio tracks first, and are you setting the track recording options to the FireBOXs inputs independantly - ie input 1 to track 1 - input 2 to track 2 (track 1 to stereo 1 - track 2 to stereo 1 if using ASIO) - and make sure echo output is ticked for each track, inputs will now appear at outputs - may need to switch LIVE on as well

Dr J

Thanks Dr. J. I will try to setup some dummy tracks and then record into those track with Live enabled. Is this what you are recommending?