anyone using auto tune v4 with the latest n?

just want to know if anyone has run into issues with this (running as DX). I know that auto tune is a resource hog and I don’t forsee this as an issue, just curious.

Well, I had OB-Tune, but installing it blue-screens my newest computer on boot up.

You see, OB-Tune and AutoTune use PACE Interlok software protection racket (er, I mean, “scheme”). And my latest computer has execute-protected memory management, meaning that you can only run code in execute-enabled regions of memory. Evidently PACE loads something off disk into a non-execute-priviliged buffer and tries to execute it (or something like that), and blurp – bluescreen.

Which sucks.

I guess I can say that I got my $50 worth of use out of OB-Tune, but I didn’t expect it to be an app that had only a 3-year lifespan. So, I will never again purchase any product with PACE Interlok software protection. They blew it for me.

[rant over]

So, I am looking for a replacement if anyone knows a good one.

Gsnap. Free…

A second vote for gsnap. It works as well as Autotune did.


A second vote for gsnap. It works as well as Autotune did.

Especially as Flavio modified n-Track so that a MIDI file can be used as a reference source to tune the audio!

Great, thanks! :D