Anyone using Presonus Firebox with n-track?

I need to know your settings

I have the Presonus firebox which I just received and hooked everything up.

I’m wondering if I have all my settings correct. Even though I can record every now and then it seems I get the following message:

"Error opening wave device.
Make sure that the sampling frequency and the output format set in the dialog box that appears clicking on the setting button on the Playback vumeter are supported by the soundcard

If your using WDM drivers (selected in the Preferences/Waves dialog box) make sure that your not using the Microsoft MIDI synth that inhibits the use of the WDM device that the synth outputs to. "

I am using the trial version of N-track. I have my sampling frequency set at 44,100 Hz. My Audio Playback device selected is “WDM Presonus Firebox Out Main 1/2” and my Audio Recording Device is selected as “Presonus Firebox Microphone Inst 1/2”

Firebox is 24 bit interface. I guess the trial version of N-track is 16 bit.

"The 24 bit registration costs $75. It includes the standard registration and adds the support for 24 bit soundcards. "