anyone using the edirol ua-25 with N-Track?

I need help getting mine to work!

I just bought this great little interface to use on my laptop and computer at the office.

I’ve tried a bunch of the different driver options and so far I can’t get N-Track to recognize it. I’m sure it must be simple. If you have one of these and it’s working for you, please let me know how you set this up.

I’m using the 16 bit 4.? version of N-Track


Nope, tried it; it wont work Lucy, edirol wasnt a lotta fun splaining why…thanks, ricky.

so do you know if I had the 24 bit version of NTrack, will it then worK?

well, I suppose the asio4all driver would be worth a shot, if you haven’t tried it yet. No muss, no fuss; it’s allowed me to use my new alesis io2 usb with N-tracks.

Download here:


Flavio just emailed me that if I can put the unit into 16 bit mode it’ll work. Time to read the manual…

Well mine’s up and running now. On the back of the unit if you’re using the 16 bit version of NTrack, you need to set the unit for 16 bits and also make sure the switch is not in Advanced Mode. Once I did that, there were no issues whatsoever.

I’m pleased with the preamps and now I’ve got myself a way to take my laptop to a gig and record the whole thing in stereo. It’s even got a limiter which means if the volumes get a bit high, it won’t mess up the whole recording. It requires no outside power source. Evrything comes through the USB port. It provides 2 XLR inputs which also function as 1/4" inputs. Seems pretty durable too. One of the inputs can serve as a HiZ input for guitars and bass by pressing a button.