Anyone using win98 with V4+

Time for new install

Hi N-Trackers,

My windows machine got wiped out by some malware so I’m reloading everything. I use *NIX machines for everyday stuff so I have nothing newer than win98. Does anyone use nt 4+ successfully with win98? If so, what version are you using? Am I better off sticking with 3.3 on win98?



I didn’t have much success with V4 and win98se. It may have been that my old machine (celeron 600) simply could not cope with the extra demands of V4, but I returned to 3.3 and have stuck with it ever since.
Although I have now “upgraded” to a PIII (wow!) and XP I am still not contemplating moving to V4 until it’s been stable for a while.


Thanks for the response Steve,

My comp is an AMD XP 2600+ with 333MHz FSB so it may be able to handle the load. I’m just not in a position to spend $100 or so on an OS right now.

Anyone else have any potentially helpful experience?


I’m running v4+ on windows 98se. It seems to be working okay. I have a Celeron 2Ghz processor and 512M of RAM. I will be upgrading to Win XP pretty soon though.

Be careful what you do in the middle of a project, as far as upgrading things on you computer. You could introduce more problems than you bargained for.


Good point Jeff but I have no projects pending AFA working with nt is concerned. All of my new projects are in the planning/layout stages so I have not started tracking them yet. I may have a few samples that I want to import but that is all.

BTW what build are you using?


I thought what bother more to n4 is your system specifications than the operative system. For old machines, v2.3 rungs great, but i have tryed to “run” v4 on old machines, and it dont “run”, it merely “walks” and not so fast.

Not sure what build. It’s on my other computer, and I’m too lazy to get up and go see. Whatever was out in Sept. '05. That’s when I downloaded it.


The issue with N4 is whether the .NET framework will run on Win98. Does it really do that?

At some point, you’re going to need to switch to XP but you’ll want a faster machine at that time.

Having said that, if Win98 & N3.3 works on your existing hardware, then I would stick with that. I decided to stick with 3.3 on my 3.0 GHz PIV box because it runs better than N4.x did.

Quote (MidnightToker @ Jan. 03 2006,16:05)
The issue with N4 is whether the .NET framework will run on Win98. Does it really do that?

YES, .NET framework WORK in 98. Is not XP only.

But you are right. In any mment he will need to switch to XP with a new machine, too.

Hi Everyone:
The issue arose Big Time, for me and the set-ups I have… I installed an early version of v4 when it was first posted on a P-111 1.2mhz, with '98SE as the Desk. I ended up uninstalling it and reverted back to v3.3 build 1516…

However, I ran into issues with that machine in the early part of the summer… The issue I ran into were Hard Drive failures, and not software/hardware… I didn’t know it at the time. But that machine now has XP installed, on an OEM XP Home/Drive setup with v4.1.5 build 1980 with the latest SP 1’s and 2’s installed on it. And IMO it operates just fine, after all the head aches, I enduered…

The other machines are Dual Boot set-ups that have '98SE and XP as Desks have V4.1.5 build 1980 installed on both desks all work flawlessly except the P-111 has developed a Hardware issue that I don’t have resolved, yet… But the '98SE Desks have build 1980 installed on them and they work just fine IMO as with n-Track and '98SE…

However, the '98SE desks have a Third-Party SP 2 installed on them to make them work I tried installing build 1980 on the '98SE Desks without the third-party SP’s but… with NO-GO…

One Dual-Boot machine is a P-4 1.7mhz Intel machine and the other one is a Dual-Boot P-111 800mhz. Intel… That is the machine that has recently developed a “BLUE-SCREEN” Bad-Pool-Caller BIOS Memory Issue on the XP Desk… I don’t think it’s a Software issue… However, I haven’t found myself to address the situation it has found itself — in, as yet…

But… comming back to the install question…

A P-111 800mhz. Intel will operate quite nicely with n-Track v4.1.5 build 1980 if, A Third-Party SP 2 installed… I have a link to it on one of my other machines… I think…

My knowledge base of computers is soo narrow that I shouldn’t be talking at this level… But n-Track build 1980 works just fine with the P-111 800 mhz. intel '98SE desk… after I installed That Third Party SP 2 and installer 3…

At least… that is is my opinion…