Anyone wanna hear my new song?

Vote yes or no. It might be a goodern’ - might be a dawg.

So, you expecting a close vote? Maybe the need for a recount?

Watch out fer them chads! :laugh:

Well I was in a hurry to post it and my co-producer was takin’ a nap…

People taking naps in the middle of the aftenoon . . . .jeeez, what a waste! :cool:

Hell When You Can’t Pay

Honest feedback appreciated, as always.


Good song Tommy. Prompted me to look up Tommy Collins...never heard of him before :;):

Steady and strong :agree:


i voted ‘no’ and you still posted it.

guess i’ll listen anyway.

jerk :agree:

the only tom collins i know is the drink. a drink i’ve never drank.

that’s a nice tune. i assume rich yaz’s chord change was the ‘hell when you con’t pay,’ line, sounds like a 7 - 4 - 1. i always liked that tag line. some good storytellin’, and as i get older i appreciate the storytellin’ more and more.

Thanks jdet - the chord change was going into the “chorus” or “bridge” depending on your defining.

‘He’s a loser’ went from G major to Gm7.

ah, my mistake.

:agree: Love it, lots of good lines in the lyrics.

It’s country… I reckon… :)


I’ll have a better mix tomorrow. I’m fried right now.

I can relate… I’m battered. The frying is’a comin’…

Nice tune Poppa. :agree:

It’s countreeee… I reckon. (Where have I heard that before?) The good news is, IT’S country. Not the stuff that’s suppose to pass for country these days.


I never know where my stuff fits. It sounds country - my strat wanted to add country. Some little tasty licks here and there.

Thanks again for the listens ya’ll…



Hey! Is it legal for you to use that? :laugh:

Dontcha gotta be sowf of da' Masee-Dixee line to say dat? (ya'll...)


My heart’s in Dixie. :agree: