Apologies to everyone in the USA


(And not only the USA, but everyone else west of me, yes, you too Marce :D).

Anyway, sorry guys, but I just heard an intruder downstairs.

So I shot him.

I now have a big fat fucker dressed in a red suit lying on my carpet, and the dog is chewing on something that looks like a reindeer leg.


Sorry. :(


PS, but I seem to have aquired a whole bunch of stuff…Hmmm ebay for most of it…but…Tom, do you want me to forward “THE ENTIRE BRITNEY SPEARS COLLECTION”? Or just keep quiet about it? :D


I’ll take the mics and pres, thanks. Any decent soundcards, 8in or more?

I’ll uh, take that Britney stuff.


Hey Ali, we have here our own “Santa” that comes from the SouthPole. In the SouthPole there is something firm. In the Northpole only there is water. I believe that your parents lie you about that Santa comes from there.
Anyway, i also apologie to everyone here. I want to start a “clean” new year, where i can blame anyone without worry about the past. :D

Merry Christmas Ali, and that you have a very nice next year. I wish you it very true.

Dont sweat it Ali - I shot Bob Cratchit last year!!!

Mr. Soul

Hey hux he offered it to me first!

Oh, well, 's’ok, I already have all her stuff…


Anyone get a Britney blow up doll?????

if I had, I certainly wouldn’t tell you jealous bastards about her!


gettin deep in here.

Does this mean that Ali is the new Santa? I think that’s the rule–saw it in a movie once. Lord ha’ mercy.


Britney blow up dolls are defective, I did my Austin Powers “Mojo Baby” moves and her head blew up!

Ali is now Santa? So the red suit is now green? Leave a pint of Ale instead of Milk and cookies guys!

Me as Santa? ???

Nah! I wanna be The Anti-Claus.

Arrives half an hour after Santa; steals all the toys and craps on the carpet! :D


Quote (Ali @ Dec. 30 2004,13:01)
Arrives half an hour after Santa; steals all the toys and craps on the carpet! :D


Er...... That's not Anti-Claus, that is my wifes stupid dog! Little turd tears up everything.


That’s your own fault TG for naming the foul beast “Little Turd”.

Rename it to “Kronic Kostipation” and all your problems will be solved. :D

Never underestimate the power of Name Magic!
(As proof, review all of the: Real_Mac, Unreal_Mac, Slightly_Real_But_Don’t_Want_To_Talk_About_It, threads) :D


Now, now Ali.

Don’t be critical about cute names. Remember how you almost ended home audio recording in the 21st century as we know it by referring to the kids as “wee bastards” in the other board. :D

Don’t remind me Dave. :(

Although, I never did figure out how that comment evolved into me becoming a rampant racist, a wannabe slave-owner, and president of Scotland’s branch of the KKK. ???

See! Word Magic! :laugh:

Anyway, one of the wee bastards is with me now, but as he stands 6ft3in in stocking soles, I only mutter the phrase under my breath! LOL (But, as I’ve just proven, I can still thrash him at table-tennis! :D).


Speaking of table tennis… CLICK ME!

:D :D :D


Can’t do TG, got slow dial-up at present.

But, stoopid Santa! Does “Les Paul” really sound like “Table tennis table”? :(

Ach well, it’s no so bad. I haven’t played in over 30 years, but it’s coming back to me. :)

I need a better bat though, the ones that came with the table are hard and have outside pimples. I prefer the double-sided ones, one hard and fast, and the other soft and “sticky” enough to make the ball dance like a Mayfly. :D

(Oh yeah, and something to stop the resounding creaks from every part of my body lol).


Quote (Ali @ Dec. 30 2004,16:37)
But, stoopid Santa! Does "Les Paul" really sound like "Table tennis table"? :(

Evidently "Black Custom Les Paul" translates into many wonderful items Ali,

including "Black High Top Converse Sneakers"

I know they both have strings, but how do you mic the sneakers thru a Marshall?

Obviously "Bad Santa" wants this "fat old turd" too jog or even worse actually participate in a sporting event at the Y. (Which ain't gonna happen!)