Since my final post at Audiominds, I've never been back, and when I posted that last post, my only concern was to try one final time to explain to Mac and the others who I offended that I hadn't intended to do that, and to thank everyone for the help I'd received there.

Don't worry about it Ali. If you have strong opinions or beliefs and you voice them, you'd eventually piss someone off on audiominds, so don't hurt your head. You can voice your opinions here without fear of some moderator arguing with you or putting you on the spot.

A good moderator would only allow on topic posts & would NOT personally get involved in direct discussions with anyone. A good moderator would remove inappropriate posts & warn people not to go off topic.

You don't seem like a barbaric rascist to me (at least from what you post). Mac unfairly played the race card on me also. It was ironic because I didn't even know that he was African American at the time, nor would it have made any difference if I had known.

Did Mac even reply to your last message to him? It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't - that's just how he is.

Foul-mouthed racist barbarian?

I’m surprised to hear you got PMs about it, it seemed like an isolated personal issue to me, dude.
No worries here!


I’d say ditto to edmon’s remarks.