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n-Track Lock- Up

I have the most recent 24-bit version of n-track. When I press record, n-Track will occasionally “lock-up”. This in turn will cause all my running applications to not respond, and I must reboot my PC. It has nothing to do with CPU load/usage, number of additonal applications running, number of song tracks or plug-ins. There is no n-Track error message prior to this occurrence.

I am running Windows XP Media Edition (blows), Athlon 64x2 dual 4200+ processor, +1 gig RAM, Line-6 Guitar Port as sound device (this thing rocks).

n-Track is set to 24-bit, 44100 hz sampling, default buffers, high program priority, and I use WDM devices, (ASIO crashes even worse).

This is totally frustrating and it renders the software unsatisfactory. This is similar to what would happen in earlier versions of n-Track that I used 3 or 4 years ago. I stopped using the software because of this problem. The main reason I like n-Track is due to the top-notch support (Flavio).

Any recommendations in solving this issue would be appreciated!

GOOGLE for - problems xp media (daw) -

Dr J

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Dr J

Using the process of elimination (the soundcard, etc. is supported), it appears that the n-Track software is not compatible, or fully supported, by Windows XP Media Edition. I probably should see Favio, no?


Hi jimothy60:
I stand corrected… but there aren’t many of us here that use The computer that you have… This type of computer is rarely used by any of the audio guys that I know… Most of the audio guys prefer DAWs that are not considered on the “Leading Edge” of technology… You may very well be breaking new ground with you DAW and the issues that may arise… A lot of the software that the audio guys are using may have to be redesigned for use with your Hardware-and-Operating system… like plug-ins and the like… A lot of the audio guys that I know would rather let someone else shoulder the task of working with “Leading Edge” hardware-and-software…

There are times that I’d like to be in your shoes… But at other times (being there) can really stress the creative aspect of of the 'End Product"…

I’m sure you’ll get all this resolved…


Same problems here…same set-up as you have. I wasn’t about to deal with those kind of problems when version 3.3 worked very well for me. 5.0 hasn’t got THAT much more to offer!!!
I am back to 3.3 now and recording away.


the best way to look at XP Medis Centre Edition is as WMP on steriods -

one report i have just read said that XP MCE is a SUBSET of XP home, so for subset read ‘we have crippled XP in favour of making a lot of extra $$$, we took out as much as we could and charge you the same for less’ -

if you have a copy of the PROPER XP go dual boot, that way youve got all bases covered -

set your PC performance to ‘BACKGROUND’ that helps in a lot of cases, many (if not all) pre-built PCs sold for DAW use are set to background, so follow the Pro’s -

Dr J

Some folks round here used to say “drivers… drivers… drivers”. Make sure you are using the latest drivers for your soundcard, video card, etc

Should be interesting to see how n-Track handshakes with MS Vista. :O