applying fx in certain places

i have this tune an i wanna change the reverbs up on the guitar track,so maybe like have a certain reverb for the first part an then switch to a diff one whenever ya feel,is there a way to record them switches like ya do fader movements?or do i have to draw some kinda send to an aux,or,????

Yeah, use the Auxes.

Put a 100% “wet” reverb in (eg) Aux1, and crank up it’s little fader to about half way.

Move the Aux1 fader on the guitar channel up a bit until you get reverb to taste.

In the timeline (wav) view, click on the little selection arrow next to the black triangle/slope icon (the tool tip says “draw volume evolution”). "Select Draw send to Aux channel #1 Volume"

A blue line should appear on your wave view. Click to add nodes. Drag nodes up for more reverb, down for less. Click on the white arrow/pointer (near the triange) to get back to “normal”.



3 ways you can do it… depending on how you want to use the effect…

Method 1. The “basic” way to do it would be to clone the track so you have 2 tracks with the same wav. Then either use the volume envelopes or slide the ends of the wav so that on track 1 you only have the guitar playing when you want reverb 1 and on track 2 you only have reverb playing when you want reverb 2.
You can then either put the fx you want onto each track or send each track to an aux with the fx you want.

Method 2. Leave it as 1 track. Put the 2 different fx you want on 2 auxes and then draw the aux send envelopes to send the track to each aux when you want the effect.

Method 3. If the effects you are using have automated parameters put them into the fx list for the track and then draw the appropriate automation envelope for effect.

Note that methods 2 and 3 are kinda neater (as you only need the single track) but will depend on whether you want the fx on the track or as an AUX… (on the track effect the whole track and effectively replace the track, as an aux you can blend the effect with the original track…)

Method 1 lets you do either track fx or aux but you need to have 2 separate tracks (or possibly many different tracks).

I used to do method 1 but have been using method 2 and 3 (depending on the situation) a lot more lately (only discovered effect parameter automations at the beginning of this year!!)


where do i find out how to use or get the fx par automations from,does it depend on the effect itself or is it in Ntrack somewhere?

What effect parameters are able to be automated is dependent on the plugin.

To view/access them click on the envelope button (looks like a little black ramp) then right at the bottom of the list is “Effect Parameters” or similar (I’m at work so don’t have n-Track to check…)
This will bring up a window with 2 columns.
Left column you can choose from whatever fx you have used in the sng file.
Right column will let you select which of the parameters you want to automate for the selected effect.

You draw them parameter same way you would draw the volume envelopes (except you can only have 90 degree angles… not sloped envelopes like the volume envelope - which is quite annoying as gradual changes need to be programmed as lots of little steps…)