Archiving Projects

How do you put your babies to bed?

I know this subject has been covered in the past, but I’m going to bring it up again.

I’m once again at the point where my data drive is getting full, and I’ll be moving stuff to CD’s for storage. Just wondering how others are doing it, and what’s the most efficient and safe way?

In the past I’ve just copied the entire folder for a song to CD. But, I’ve been thinking about compressing the files - if so, what should I use? Winzip? What about Ogg Vorbis? And then what about n-track packed song files? That looks interesting, but what if 20 years from now I want to open the project in whatever we’ll be using then???

I’m also thinking of getting a DVD drive for my computer for the larger storage capacity. Anyone doing this?

A backup is only as good as the ability to retrieve it. Does anyone have success or horror stories to tell about restoring backups or archives?


I put a DVD burner in my system. Look at the new dual layer jobbies now though. For a few bucks more, I could have twice the capacity if I had waited a month or two…

Mine is a LiteON DVD-RW. Works great.

I don’t compress anything. Each song goes in its own folder on the hard drive. Once completed, I burn the whole folder to DVD, untouched.


I use an external usb harddrive for storage, but I have put a system to order with a DVD burner built-in which will arrive later this month. Can’t wait… :D

regards, Nils

Removable hard drive bay, and two seperate 80G hard drives mounted in the caddies that work with it.

Copy everything, intact and uncompressed, to a removable HD and take it to the office, lock it in my desk.

Next time I do a back-up, I take the other HD out of my closet, copy everything to it, take it to work, and bring the other one home and stick it in the closet.

This way, I’ve got the most current back-up on the HD locked in my desk at work, and a nearly current back-up sitting in my closet at home.

A back-up is not a back-up if it is in the same building.

yeah all of -em.

I like the redundancy that John have built in.
He’s also got a point about it being 'offsite’

I have a DVD burner as well.

If it is really important I would make two copies on the cheaper single layer media and then store them. That way you have two DVD’s containing the same stuff. Halves your changes of some read errors when it comes down to it.

I don’t do it, but I suppose you could zip (or rar) it project by project, but then you add another process to the chain and I’m not really shure if the effort (and risk) is worth the saved space.

I just copy the folder with all the .sng, .npk and .wav files.


Im doing Double-backup: One backup in a second hardisk and a second in DVD.

If you will trust in your DVD’s only, take care of this:
-VERIFY after burn (nero, or any other compare your hardisk files with your DVD ones, to know if there is not corrupted files because glitches. This is very importan, imho.)
-Handle the burned DVD the less you can and with care. Is soooo easy make them unusable.

I’m with John. Removable trays are cheap and very handy. I bought a half-dozen small disks for cheap (20 meg) and slide them in when i need to work on an old project. I don’t usually leave them on the 20, tho’. I copy the project to my music data disk, do the mixing/rendering, and then copy them back to the 20 for storage.

An external, USB drive works well for this too. The swapping disks inside an external enclosure is more hassle than swapping disks in a removable tray.

As for file compression, i don’t use it. If you need to, don’t use Ogg or WMA or any of the other lossy methods. Monkeys will compress to about half-size and doesn’t lose any quality. Monkeys with dBPowerAmp is a great combo.


Thanks for all the replies, guys,

It sounds like uncompressed copying of the song folders to whatever media you have is the way to go. For archiving, I like the idea of DVD. For backup, a USB external hard drive sounds good. I think I’ll get the external first and continue to archive to CD-R until I can get a new internal DVD drive.

Don :D