are aux channels in series or parallel?

Hey all;

I’ve been using ntrack for a long time now and this thought just came to me as I was doing some mixing: are the aux channels in series or parallel? IOW, does aux channel 1 feed into aux channel 2, or do they both get sent directly to the master channel at the levels set by the faders?


Just based on empirical observation and the diagram made by Learjeff in the manual, I’d guess it’s the latter - each feeds directly to the master. I can’t say that with certainty though. Just thinking out loud here (and always looking for education :)), if they ran in seires, what would be the point of having multiple aux channels? I guess you could have track 1 get Aux 2’s effects only and track 2 get Aux 1 and Aux 2’s effects. But it seems like it would be more powerful in parallel, as long as there’s no limit to the # of auxes, except maybe to get some savings on CPU.

LOL, I guess I’m adding to your question instead of answering it.

Parallel, but plug ins in each individual channel are in series.