Are banks in the US / UK also stuck in the 60's ?


I have my checkbook NOW…and someone else still has hers…ARGH!!!

That’s another story…

And I’ve been waiting to hear that story for a while now Phoo.

None of my damm business I know, but you’ve been hinting at it for a wee while now.

So, basically I’m a nosey bugger, but if it’s what I think it may be; been there, done that, and shared misery is always twice as miserable, (or summat like that.) :D

Ali, it probably is what you think it is :;):

Let’s just say it has something to do with tens of thousands of dollars that aren’t around any more with no sign of where it all went…literally hundreds of bounced checks over just a few months that ran up massive service charges and canceled-by-the-bank accounts…a drastic drop in the credit rating…zero money in savings even though someone has a good paying job…then it ended in separation and divorce (not yet finalized) because I decided it was time for that crap to end.

No, that’s not all of it, but that’s enough for now. The rest of that stuff in the past isn’t nearly as rosey…but there is a wonderful side of things happening over the past year that I’ll share when everything is finalized.

It’s a work in progress but it’s almost resolved and finalized…finally.

Hi phoo:
I can almost hear what you’re saying from way over here… More that 70% of Matrimonial Divisions occur with the misunderstanding of economic assets… When it’s all added up and the Legal people tells you it’s resolved, it could be just a difference of $1.50 …

This is not to trivialize the division of Marital assets… but… who gets the cups and who gets the spoons is Big Business in the Western World. So the lawyers, say…

My heart goes out to all the hard working couples, where ever they are…


Thanks Phoo, I didn’t deserve that reply, so all the more thanks for giving it.

But it’s a fucker isn’t it?

I really don’t know your situation, but I do know mine, so that’s all I can talk about.

I, like you, was the one who called an end to it, and I still think it was right thing to do.

But it still leaves scars, it still leaves thoughts of “what if”, thoughts of failure.

But, we live with them, there’s nothing else we can do.

Anyway, all I’m saying is that I know what you’re going through, so hang on in there mate. :)