Are they all dead?

I don’t recognize anybody!

I just scanned a bunch of pages back in the forum. There’s nobody I recognize from 4 or 5 years ago! Where did they all go? It’s hell to get old, eh?


lot of different names…(same people, I was jeremysdemo in a former life) :laugh:

many migrated to REaper forum as well.


Well I’ve been here a very long time.

And to answer you question in another thread, Limey disappeared years ago… like at least 6 at a guess. IIRC someone criticised his accented postings and the cleared off. Shame really; I kinda enjoyed it.

Well being the curious person I am I searched for Limey’s user name in the Forum Users.…7323497

1 April 2005 was his last post.

you nailed it, almost 6 years to the day! :agree:

I miss a lot of those old bloody blokes, remember the green guy? Ali?

he always had a way to make you think twice about something… :)