Arkansas rough

New build up here - edited the drum intro - fixed double kicks in midi track overlays.
Arkansas rough.

I would love to have a ton of folks singin’ the chorus. If you can send a file please do.
Download mp3 and have a little fun. Some hoopin’ and hollerin’ even - rebel yell?

Make ya famous! :D


Make ya famous!

Nah... you can be famous and I'll be rich... :p

Sounds good PW. You da' man! I wish I could understand the lyrics a bit better. Maybe punch 'em up a tad?


The lyrics are more easily understood in the earlier version.

Ver 2.023/67 Alpha Beta will have lyrics.

Chorus is:
We’re goin’ back to Arkansas, back to Arkansas
Everybody knows what’s a Gee and a Haw
Down in Arkansas, down in Arkansas
Everybody’s somebody down in Arkansas.

Everything else is being written tonight,

Wonder when one of our friends on the other side of the pond is going to ask about “gee” and “haw.” ???

Yes I was wonderin’ when D was gonna mention it. Reckon he even knows? Bein from Bama and the Carolinas I figured he or Zay would’o said somethin’ about it.

Heh-heh… I never had to plow that way… and tractors have steering wheels… but I do know what “gee” and “haw” mean. :agree:

Zay would probably say “wah” and “eeg”.


new download posted.

Sounds great PW. Vocals are more intelligible now. :agree:

When do you sing;


Everything else is being written tonight,

though? :p :laugh:


You just sing it - I’ll edit it in!

Hmmm - my Roland banjo is starting to sound better.

I knew it was the Roland! Sounds really good to me, truth be told.

Good un Tommy!
OK, now on to pick it apart, first up, needs a fiddle, mandolin, jews harp and a jug. No playing the jug, it’s fer passing round to the pickers.
A gee and a haw, never been strapped on to that mule a plowing eh?
Ar-Can-Saw, why isn’t it Ar-Kansas, or why isn’t Kansas, Can-Saw ?
Nevermind I’m still tripping from the other tune where the Ikons attacked me on the desktop.

Good job my friend, keep em coming! :)


A gee and a haw, never been strapped on to that mule a plowing eh?

Never been strapped to any mules myself, but when I was a kid, I'd follow in behind a couple of em with a tow sack pickin up Kennebecs as we was diggin taters. (That was in Tennessee... never did anything like that in Ohio)

Ok the girls are going shopping later, I been singing along, getting the mike out, opening ntrack…
Sam and Dave - hold on -I’m comin!

I finished the lyric last night. Will be hit and run recording over the next few days. Where’s my fiddler?

Quote: (TomS @ Dec. 19 2008, 6:02 PM)

Wonder when one of our friends on the other side of the pond is going to ask about "gee" and "haw."

Well..I certainly know what a "Haw" is and I don't go near them thar ladies :)

Great stuff Tommy. Really good time sound. But I can't sing the words in the chorus as fast as you do. Must be the language barrier :)

Due to soundclick mp3 processing none of the tracks sent to me are working - please take the time to download this mp3 which lines up perfectly arkansasrough.mp3 file.
Trim the wav you record and send it to music(@)
remove the () of course.

Ok I get it now, I was a little mystefied there for a while,

Kev - look above - the mp3 I uploaded works fine. I edited my links above.