Arming tracks to record

Build 2945

I just did some recording with build 2945. I set up what tracks I wanted available with the Setting > Audio device. However, the tracks opened un-armed. I had to set each track individually to record. In the past all I had to do was select what tracks to use and press the Record button. Has this changed, or is there a setting I missed? Seems to me the tracks should be armed to record as the default.

Hi Bax,

yes this has changed in version 7. It reflects the fact that most of the time when using multichannel audio devices (particularly those with lots of inputs) you don’t want to record from all of the available channels. n-Track by default makes I think up to 16 channels available in the input vu meter window, while in version 6.x or earlier all of those inputs were set to record to a new track, now that’s only true for the first input channel. For other channels you can set them to be recorded by clicking on the small rec button at the bottom of the channel in the vumeter window and select “Record to a new channel”, or add a track and arm it for recording from the desired input channel.
Please let me know if you think this behavior is inappropriate, we can change it back or maybe add an option to customize the behavior.


My thinking would be to customize this be behavior. A program with no option is a program with no options.


Well, for me it is extra steps. I don’t want to have to stop and “setup” up to 16 seperate tracks every time I record -(even 3 or 4 is inconvient to me) . Personally, I I liked the way it was before. Tracks were selected and it was that way until you changed it. Using ASIO, tracks could be removed from the list. All of the same options were there before, but the default made it easier and quicker to use.
Perhaps a compromise: An option to select the number of tracks to arm with new tracks armed as the default, and how they are to be set could be changed at the individual track to customize.
What do some of you other folks think?

I am still getting used to build 2945 And the way the track arming is done now. The file menu has a command: Save as Template. Using the File> Save As Template command a person could set up all of the armed tracks, along with titles, effect, pans, and then open the template when he wants to use that particular setup again. I think that does away with much of my complaint. Frankly, I should've known that that command was there.