The idea is to take identical tracks, give them to the Producer’Arrangers competing, to compare the producer’s vision, skills, and finished song. More details in the lower paragraphs.

Adding arranger, and taging it; “Producer’Arranger Contest” gives a clearer understanding of the expected duties.
Of course the Producer’Arranger would also have to “eq mix and master” their version of the song.
We will want to see some cuttin and pastin and super arrangin producers!

I’ve come up with a prize idea besides having it uploaded to nTrack Records.
I’ll personally pay to have it submitted to Taxi, for consideration and review.
So singers step up quick if you have a song idea and you’d like in.
First come first serve.

Players; I don’t want a dozen players on this one.
3 singers (lead and back ground), a drummer, two guitars, one bass, one keyboard or orgin, one harp or sax is enough.
THERE WILL BE MORE CONTESTS WHERE WE WILL USE DIFFRENT PLAYERS TO GET EVERONE ON A SONG. But remember; the focus will be on the “Producer’Arranger”.
And we’ll use a poll to see which produced version of the song is the favorite. The lead singer on this could pick the players!

We need a moderator to collect the tracks from the players.
Their duity will simply be to add all the tracks into ntrack and save it as a packed song file.
And then upload for download or mail to the Producer’Arrangers.
Also receive and distribute the enhancement and correction tracks.
This could end up my job.

After the ProArrangers receive their files they will have 48 hrs to request enhancement and correction tracks from the players and singers. A limit of 2 enhancement tracks and one correction track per ProducerArranger.
Then each PA will have a week to complete their arrangement/version.

All players who want to participate but don’t get in on this song will automatically be eligible for first pic on the next tune.
So the sooner you announce your interest and willingness the higher you’ll be placed on the list, it’s first come first serve.

You can see where this is going.
This is designed to create a great song for us.
And setup in a way to enable all players, singers, producers who would like to participate to be able to in our series of Producer’Arranger songs.

??? Hmmmm? Not likin this idea to much huh? It's ok guys don't worry about it! :agree:

Actually Levi I think it’s a great idea!

It would be fascinating for us all to come up with a tune and have 5 different ideas on how it should be recorded.
Would sure take some organizing (or organising) tho… :agree:


Ya thx!
That’s the way I see it to!
I mean I’m certainly not knocking anyone here!
Yaz is very good at it.
So is Pops and TomS Paco and so are you and me, just to name a few.
And you know, when you first thought about it, the first thing that came to mind was a visualization of yourself editing parts in your song.
5 different versions! Cool!
There would be no looser!
But one would stand out.
Just because of the competition alone everyone would try harder and some really neat even possibly outrageous arrangements would surface!

That’s what it should take to get placed in nTrack records don’t ya agree? The very best of the best of the best?

I personally love the idea.

You know, there are file floating around of some hits from the past, e.g., some motown stuff, I saw some once, not legal of course, but it was cool to take an old hit and hear the recorded parts and then try to remix it to see how well one could do vs. the original…