Arrgghhh - Need help with VST Instrument

I know that I have another thread on this but it still didn’t help and I’m exasperated. What worked in the past doesn’t work anymore.

Groove Agent (drums) will not play in nTrack. They clip. Perhaps I’m going about this incorrectly. Can someone outline the steps to start this VST instrument please? It should be straightforward.



One thing that happened to me recently was after installing the current beta, finding it was too buggy to work with and going back to build 1846, everytime I used some plugins it would distort like crazy.

I thought it was the plugin at first and re-installed etc.

I even re-installed N and no joy.

I then noticed that “Multi-thread Direct X plugins” was ticked in the preferences and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t before.

I unticked it and everything was fine after that.

But you are having probs with a VST so may not be applicable… it was a couple of DX plugins that gave me grief due to this option being ticked…

Otherwise try resetting your preferences in N… that sometimes fixes weird things


Thanks Rich. The reset worked instantly. Everything purrs now.