Arrghh! Asio - Delta 1010 Problem

I just reloaded the latest version of N because something got corrupted or whatever and it wasn’t recording. So now I got the same setup: N 24 bit, 8 tracks going in from my digital machine, Asio drivers. Everything looks good when I am setting up to record, good levels, nice sound. Then I record, the tracks look like they are recording per usual. but when I go to playback the tracks I get this hideous white noise! I can sorta hear the music under the noise. I have fiddled with the N settings and the Delta settings. No luck. Any suggestions?

White noise, you mean M.O.D? tee hee…

But seriously I have heard of this problem before…with the Delta 1010.

What frequency are you recording at? 48000? 96000?

What is the card playing back at?

Are you using the S/PDIF , DAT recorder or standalone A/D converters?

If memory serves me correct another had this problem when the playback frequency was different than the recording setting. (either the DAT or S/PDIF)
In my M-audio interfaces mixing board I can set which frequency for recording and playback you should be able to check that in both Ntrack under preferences and the Delta access panel.
Also you could see what is doing the recording and what is doing the playback.

Some cards have 44.1 as a default for playback of wav. files, which could be problematic if you are using 48 or better to record in.(or whatever the digital input is)
You can set the soundcard to play back in the same frequency as you are recording in and see if that helps.

I really don’t know to much about the Delta other than reading error reports, but hopefully if my suggestion does not work someone else with more knowledge will see this and chime in.

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thanks, tried all those suggestions, no dice.
I ended up changing drivers, all is well now.

Which drivers worked?

That’s funny because I was going to initially suggest the ASIO4ALL driver but he said he was using the ASIO driver in the OP so I assumed he had it.

Anywho Phoo has a good point, if you post the driver that worked for you it will be helpful for other Ntrack users in the future whom do a search on that card with a similar problem.

if they type in Delta 1010, this thread will come up and they will already have the answer they seek… :)

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jerm :cool: