As everyone else is starting new posts....


Well, after several days away, I see this forum has dragged itself out of the gutter; and entrenched itself firmly in the heap of dogshit lying beside it. :laugh:

ZooKeeper, your point is understood, and strongly sympathised with, but, it’s been made, OK? :)

Anyway, as this is the non n-track part of the forum, I thought I’d bore you all with why I’ve been offline.

My bedroom is also my studio (but as soon as my woman throws out her remarkably idle son and his unbelievably fat-arsed girlfriend, perhaps I’ll be able to have my own room. :D

But, until then…

Redesign time:

I still had to keep the bed and wardrobe access, but the rest I decided, was gonna be a studio.

The problems I had before were: Too reverberant, (especially the mirrors on the ceiling :D ), too much faffing about to plug up mics, guitars etc., too noisy a PC, and the fact then when I sat in front of it, my guitar picked up the monitor, and the mics picked up the PC fans.

Well, I’m now half way through the process; walls hung with heavy blankets standing a foot away from the surface, the ceiling now looks like a pillow with all the baggy blankets hanging from it, and I have my mixer in an easy accessible area with longish cables running to the PC.

The PC has a nice acoustic hood, (holes for ventilation provided), and I have a large clear space to strut up and down in to play my guitar.

Incidentally, as might be appreciated, the bed was covered with old blankets, timber, etc. for several days (I’ve been sleeping on the couch), but when I cleared them away, there was Denise lying underneath! I thought it had been remarkably peaceful for a while! :D

So now, the place looks like a bomb site, but today ought to see it cleared up and ready to go.

So, watch out! LOL


ZooKeeper, your point is understood, and strongly sympathised with, but, it's been made, OK?
You guys really amaze me - a bunch of camplainers & whiners.

I bet you “get amazed” by people often…


I saw Toker score xx out of xx on the front page and decided I wasn’t going to say anything about it. Looks like veryone else has though :D

For the record, I’m not Zoo Keeper.


I bet you "get amazed" by people often
No - just by some of you whiners.

Most of the people I deal with & my friends are great. Of course, they are liberals mostly . :laugh: