As our Brit brethren would say...


Drove up to Chatt town this morning… There is a Guitar Center up there. I’m looking for an axe to replace the Godin I sold a while back. I looked at Epi Les Pauls, DOT’s (335 clone), PRS SE’s etc… etc… NOTHING reached out to me and said “Hey, yeah D… I AM THE GUITAR FOR YOU”. I mean nuttin… The Epi’s all had that darn baseball bat neck on 'em… 'cept a Sheraton. It had a nice neck and sounded pretty good but was BUTT UGLY! The PRS SE’s? Clubby, baseball necks and really shoddy looking hardware. One of 'em even had the pickup selector switch broken off. Of course on this point, you have to bear in mind eleventy billion slimey, booger covered hands have been groping all over them…

The Laguna’s Tom mentioned to me were pretty nice… played good, sounded good… very “Stratty”. The only other guitars I really liked were Strats… already have one…

SIGH The quest continues…


PS Yeah I know… picky, picky, picky…

Well you’ll know it when it the right one.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 16 2008, 4:39 PM)

Well you'll know it when it the right one.

Funny how this is true for guitars, and wives. Except the guitars don't make you take out the trash...

The Lagunas have some serious design flaws.

Didn’t like the PRS? Hmm…

I still say a Heritage is worth a look.

But only a strat is a strat.

Hi Tom,

The only PRS SE’s they had were the singlecut model with humbuckers. I probably would have grokked 'em over a bit more if there had some P-90 models there. I think mostly I was turned off because they were all so… GUNKY. I mean geez… one of 'em looked like some kid had spilled a Coke on it and just hung it back on the wall… nasty…


if geetars made you take out the trash, our wives would be on milk cartons.

did i say that? wow, time for more pills.
my wife is awesome, by the way :agree:

I hear ya D, sold the SE I got, the more I played it the less I liked the chunky neck. Like a 2x4 handrail on a treated deck.

GC customer "Why doesn’t this strat switch to the bridge pick-up?"
GC employee "Oh that’s a GC special addition to all guitars, it’s a neat invention called Bubble Gum!"

Hey I was told to take out the trash . . . . so I took her to the movies! :laugh:

Check out those Ibanez Artist series, Washburn Idol series, or Hamer Sunburst. Great bang for the buck IMO. Heritage instruments are incredible… and expensive.

Yeah, I looked at a few Artcore and Artist models today. Sadly, they were all beat-up crap heaps. They had an RG that looked really well made. so I rolled it over to check the head-stock… “Made in Japan”!!! Sweet! Closer examination revealed a bunch of paint chipped off the body edges… We need a dang music store around here.

I got to try out a few Hagstroms at another place. LOVE the necks!! I played ‘em through a Tech 21 amp based on their TRI-AC deal. Way cool sounds. I am probably going to order a Viking in Cherry. Semi-hollow yumminess and versatility with solid body sustain. :agree: If I don’t like it, it’ll go back on the ol’ UPS truck.


PS Pics here… LINKY-POO

Oh, man, those are UGLY.


I hate those tail pieces. Way too much string vibration is lost.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 18 2008, 10:37 AM)

I hate those tail pieces. Way too much string vibration is lost.

I'm kind of waffling on this because of that very thing Poppa. The solid bodies have a stop tail like tail piece. I may go that route instead. The thing is, I absolutely love the neck profile and the "Resinator" fretboard. The ones I played yesterday remind of an old 60's neck profile 335 "fretless" wonder an old friend of mine has but with a slightly wider neck which is a plus for me. I'll probably go the Swede or Ultra Swede route instead of the Viking. I dunno... syrup me... I'm a waffle. :laugh:


PS Those Hag pickups are great BTW... for stock pups...

They are handy for some 'b’bending type pickers though. Quick little tremmy effects by hand.

After much thought and webber-net searching, I pulled the trigger on a Hag Viking in Wild Cherry. The stupid case is out of stock until the end of January though.

I have high expectations. I read gobs of reviews all over the net and just about ALL of them were very positive. Like I said before, I LOVE the neck and fretboard. One guitar I played yesterday, a D-2H I think it was, floored me with the playability and tone. I mean, GREAT! I would have just bought it but it was a radioactive, red sparkle color and the controls are a 1 vol, 1 tone arrangement. Need more flexibility than that.

Maybe my Viking will show up in a couple days. We’ll go pillage some coastal villages when it arrives.

D Gustaffson

Aaaargh. I’ll bring me axe!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 18 2008, 9:52 PM)

Aaaargh. I'll bring me axe!

Cool... oh, bring a chisel wouldja? We need to leave some Rune stones behind to tell of our adventures eh?

D Svigatston

I’ll bring me Elk ivory in me elk ‘ball sack’ pouch.

The Hag is in Nashburg… Will it make it here for Christmas? I think so… I think it will show up tomorrow. (I hope!)

The only bummer is… my valvulating toob amp is still on the fritz. I just ain’t found the time to pull the chassis and troubleshoot the thing. I sure would like to try out the new guitar through a cranked up toober ampoleefryer thing-a-ma-bob… Oh well, the POD will have to do…

D Eriksson

It’s here. WOOT!

It is bee-yooty-ful and perfect. No shipping damage… whew!

It plays absolutely wonderfully… and it came with .010-.052 strings! Once I give it the patented Dubious setup tweakage and slap some EB Slinky Pinks (.009 - .042) on there, this beast will practically play itself. The neck is arrow freakin’ straight. Perfect for taking an already great playing guitar and making it a FABULOUS playing guitar.

The pickups are great. The bridge is a bit hotter than a vintage bucker but not too much. The neck is nice and warm without being too dark or muddy. The combined pickups on the other “two bucker” guitars I’ve had were okay at best, these are LURVVVLLLYYY… I seriously dig the combined p’up setting on this thing. Warm, smooth lows with a touch of high end bite… Yum-yum!

D - gone pillaging…