Ashley Simpson's glitz on SNL

This what happens when you dont use N

The movie clip is a small download its worth it

Priceless :D

OMG…is it live or is it memorex…this is great!:D

Oh its REAAAL baby REAAL! :D

You should check her official site and any site with message forums regarding her “glitch”…
In the 13 years Ive been an internet user…I have NEVER seen messages filled with so much venom


Perhaps this is will be the wakeup call for the brainwashed disgruntled youths about corporate pop america

dude…you’re right. I went to her official site and was utterly astonished at the stuff that was going down.

Granted, real musicians never really questioned what she was or her place in the machine. But GEEEEEZE…lots of folks seem to be taking this one pretty personally.


If I was I around her age or younger and spent $20 on her CD and other merchandise and actually “worshipped” her…I’d be pissed too. :)

I would be devastated if found out the late Johnny Cash (please forgive me) was faking throughout his career.

Ashley’s Website

Corporate America and the pretty picture painting, the American Dream, American Values, what to wear, what to eat, who to listen to, Wake up people and smell what they are shovellin’. And no one ever breaks a string in ‘LIVE’ telecast performances.


Funny thing you mentioned that. :D

I broke my guitar strings during a performance a couple of times and like an idiot always forgot to have a extra set of strings…ended up doing an a capella while the crowd clapped as my percussive instrument. The energy was better but totally unexpected. That’s live musicmanship and Ill never forget it.

Awsum! Being impromtu is live…best musicians always find a way to keep entertainment going. Been playing for 36 years now and can’t count broken strings from live performances on china’s population of fingers and toes!(I now buy boxes of strings when playing out) Getting the crowd involved was Brillant on your part. If the crowd loves it…what can be wrong with it! :D

It doesn’t surprize me at all that she was using a soundtrack. She said her voice was going out and she couldn’t sing properly. That’s not like breaking a string in the middle of a song, it’s like walking out on stage with an out of tune guitar with no tuning pegs. Would you want to do that on SNL? I’m a singer. When the voice won’t work, it won’t work. Better to use a soundtrack than to sound terrible on National TV. IMHO

Blessings, Terry


You cancel your appearance.

She’s the ‘star’…for pop stars…they have some power especially if they reached a number of satisfactory sales. If her voice was THAT bad she couldve insisted on cancelling. She chose to risk compromising her career but displaying fraudulence.
You tell me which choice would’ve allowed her career to move on?

She also exacerbated the situation by being unprofessional by leaving the stage and blaming her band.

She not only demonstrated her lack of musical skills but any sence of showmanship or regard to her audience. She was better off trying.

Quote (aspiringWanderer @ Oct. 27 2004,17:46)
She also exacerbated the situation by being unprofessional by leaving the stage and blaming her band.


You cancel your appearance.

Really? I don't think so. Do you know how far ahead they plan these things. As a matter of fact, it's rare when you see a singer on television who isn't lip-syncing, now-a-days. No one would have said anything if the wrong track hadn't been played. I agree that she panicked and didn't carry it off very well when things went amiss. Must have been pretty embarrassing.

Occurrences like this one give all the wanna-bees something to point at.:p

Saturday Night Pre-Recorded?

It’s bullshit plain and simple just a pretty package best left unwrapped…

The real problem isn’t that they were playing to a sync track – that IS typical of live TV performances these days – it’s supposed to be a failsafe thing for the broadcast to fallback on something is there is a problem. Unfortunately, some live artists are doing it in concert, too. Remember Elton John’s comments about Madonna a few weeks ago? Same thing. I don’t condone it but it happens a lot. There’s a fine line between playing along to a sequence and lip-syncing. What’s the difference to a drummer playing to a click track with added percussion or even the whole beat in sequence? The drummer is lip-syncing as much as the vocalist. Think Nine Inch Nails plays all that stuff live? I’ve played shows myself where the only thing live was the electric guitars and vocals, and I’ve seen shows where the vocals were the only thing NOT live (Dixie Dregs doing that one vocal song they do). There’s good reasons for it and bad reasons.

SO…the problem is that she showed how much of a pro she wasn’t. A pro would have blocked out the problems and plowed ahead…if things were legit. If she wasn’t REALLY lip-syncing from the start and the backing track was really there for backup in case her voice fell out she would have been actually singing in the first place, so all the tech would have had to do was kill the voice track and use her real voice…but NO she got all flustered and made no attempt at singing the song that she was suppose to sing and then blamed her band for playing the wrong song. The only way that could be true would be if they were supposed to play the same song they already did again. Then her father lets on in a way that lets us know that she was indeed lip-syncing and that the support track excuse, which might be legit for many reasons, doesn’t fly when you go in with no intentions of singing a note because you can’t. Planning ahead or not, if her voice was shot she should have canceled. SNL knows what it’s doing and can handle that situation, but only if the artist is up front with them.

She got caught.

I find it really hard to believe that SNL didn’t know that she was going to be lip-syncing that song. It was their decision for her to go on, knowing she couldn’t sing. Proportedly, the drummer was the one responsible for starting the track. Something happened and he started the wrong one. I can see why she was caught off guard, and yep, her inexperience showed. She’s just a kid. Give her a brake. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at SNL. They are the ones telling you it’s “Live”.

Blessings, Terry

OK…let’s face facts. It’s all lies lies lies. While watching an old '95 or ‘96 concert of the Doobie Brothers ‘Rockin’ Down The Highway’ I started to notice the lies and cover ups of the band. 1. They are getting on up in years(same as myself)…but their hair had no gray in it. (Just For Men or Lady Clairol…hmmm) Keith Knudsen has Alesis HR16 drum machine mounted just above his high hat. (Why would you need this with 2 drummers?) Tis corporate america at it’s best. The people who produce and controll these types of live media haven’t got a clue what the actuall public wants to hear. It has to look glamourous and sound identical to the album. Who cares. I wanna hear a band do their thing live. No more machine vocal harmony. I wanna hear the guitarist play from the seat of their pants. Let’s hear what they can do, not what some studio musician played on their album. If that’s gonna be the case then get his or her butt up on the stage. The buying public has to stand up to this crap. Quit watching SNL. Quit going to the concerts that are BS. Maybe they’ll get their act together. The bottom line is 'You Bought It, You Name It!

Simpson “has been made to be something that requires backing tracks to achieve,” Hamilton says, adding that the controversy surrounding her “is a weird judgment on something that wasn’t supposed to have soul in the first place. That’s like complaining about dinner after someone hands you a Snickers bar.”

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