Asio Problem

N-Track Not Seeing All 16 Tracks

Hello Everyone,

I know it may apper as if I’m a newby, but I’ve had N-Track for quite a few years now, I just haven’t been here in a long time, so I had to create a new user ID.

I’ve recently installed a second Terratec EWS88MT into my system to give me 16 tracks of simultaneous recording. I have been to the Terratec website and have downloaded the latest drivers and software.

My system is a 2+ Gig processor with 1 Gig of Ram. The computer recognizes both cards as being cascaded, no problems there; 1 is the Master and the other is Slave. I’m running n-track 4.1

My problem is that when I have n-track setup to run with the ASIO drivers, it does not want to recognize all 16 channels. When I bring up the recording vu meters, it only gives me 12. I don’t have this problem when I have it setup with the WDM drivers but, the WDM drivers don’t seem to like my VST plugins because I get this occasional white noise spitting sound, which is very distracting, and would ruin any take that I would make in the process.

Would anyone have any idea as how to get n-track to see the other 4 inputs with the ASIO drivers?

All input will be greatly appreciated.




Just a couple of thoughts -
First - it’s werid that you are getting 12 record meters. So N is seeing ‘part’ of the second slave Terratec? Just wondering if it’s a display problem. Did you try ‘undocking’ the record VU meter panel and enlarging it?
The other thing is to download N-build 2475 (install it another folder other than the default - say c:
temp) and try.
I have been reading on other forums - that although ASIO is the best for latency, you can run into problems when projects use large numbers of tracks/plugins. They suggest that you use a mix of ASIO/WDM - that is ASIO so you can record/monitor a new track but then use WDM to playback/render.

I tried the ASIO/WDM combo and my computer wouldn’t let me do it. But, I think I did it the other way around. I have since moved the 2nd board to a different PCI slot; that didn’t work. Eventually, I got to the point where the missing 5/6 track was seeing a midi vst plugin I was using, but I never could get any sound out of it, and all 16 tracks were there. It’s just that 4 of them are not being utilized by the analog end of things. The remaining 2 I can’t seem to get anything out of.

I guess I’ll press on with what I have and make the most of it until I can figure out what’sd going on.

Thanks for your input. I’ll try recording from WDM and playing back through ASIO and see how that works.


Okay, it’s the other way around; record with ASIO and play back through WDM; GOT IT!

Well don’t give up -
You got a 2gig processor and 1gig of ram.
What OS are you using?
I would try adding another stick of ram, make sure you have the latest drivers from Terratec, and if you are using WinXP make sure you have at least service pack 2. Some plugs act funny on XP with anything less than SP-2
But the ram increase should help for sure. Personally, I would not be able to sleep if this happened to me. Make a big pot of coffee and give it another try.

open audio devices - click on advanced - increase the amount of input and outputs that n recognises - if the output box is set say to 6 outputs then no matter what outputs you have available thats all n sees -


1 Gig of ram is not enough for XP if thats what your running, but thats just my own opinion.



open audio devices - click on advanced - increase the amount of input and outputs that n recognises - if the output box is set say to 6 outputs then no matter what outputs you have available thats all n sees -


Bumping Rabbit - 'cus that could be it

No, sorry, that’s not it. I know my way around n-track fairly well. I’ve got it set for 2 outputs and 16 inputs. And, that section says “use up to # of inputs”. So, just because I’ve got it set for 16, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will use that many inputs. I have discovered that when I add a blank MIDI track, and add a vst instrument to it, that the output for that comes up on two of the tracks that I’m not seeing through the analog audio.

I’ve discovered that I can’t use ASIO and WDM at the same time. I expect that that’s an unresolvable Terratec issue.

I have wondered about the amount of RAM I’ve been running. when I can swing it, I guess I’ll try to add another GIG of RAM. I did up the amount of hard drive space used as ram, but that didn’t seem to help either.

This may be a question for Flavio.

By the way, I downloaded a copy of MrTramp Wurlitzer VST; I love it; sound just like the real thing, and has low cpu usage. You should go get it.

Peace out!


You definately need more ram, but I would increase the # of inputs to 32 when using asio.

I remember reading something about that - ASIO does not necessarily number your inputs in consecutive order. Your input 13 may be ASIO input # 19 or something
So like YAZ said 32 - he’s so smart

Something to do with asio and stereo pairs and the way ntrack reads the inputs. I know it can get confusing, but you may have to open the record meter dialog with the little hammer to select the correct inputs also.

Hey Everybody,

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. lcmemusic is my other user ID, and I haven’t been back since I put up this post. I’ll be upgrading to v6 tonight and go from there. I haven’t added anymore RAM yet, but I will do that soon. I’ll also be trying upping the number of inputs n-t sees to 32. My computer is getting old, though. I’ve been at this for a number of years.



Jeff, you seem to have 2 trails going at the same time. The EWS88MT Asio driver provides more inputs than the 8 analog in of the breakout box. So you have to go into the section in n-Track and choose only the wav in inputs (I’m at work, so I’m trying to remember the details).